Baylor College of Medicine

Call Pilot Voicemail


Useful information about the basic features of your Call Pilot voicemail mailbox:

  • Mailbox Number: XXXXX
  • Default Password: 12-XXXXX
  • Access Messages: 713-798-3999
  • Express Message: 713-798-3998

Logging on for the First Time


From your telephone, dial the following to log on.

  1. Dial: 8-3999
  2. Dial: XXXXX, # (Your five-digit mailbox number, then the # key)
  3. Dial: 12-XXXXX,# (1-2-your five-digit mailbox number, then the # key)

Changing Your Password


Your mailbox will force you to change your password from the default before you can listen to your messages. (First time user only)

Please note that for information security purposes, the following password rules will apply:

  • Must be 4 to 16 digits
  • No repeating digits allowed
  • No consecutive digits allowed
  • Cannot be a password used in the last 5 changes
  • Cannot be same as mailbox number

Logging on

  1. Press: 84
  2. Dial: Default password (1-2-your five-digit mailbox number) plus # (pound)
  3. Dial: New password plus # (pound)
  4. Dial: New password again plus # (pound) to confirm

Recording your Greeting


Note for step 2 below:

If you want outside callers (customers) and internal callers to hear the same greeting record that message here. If you choose to record separate greetings you must first record your "External" greeting for customers under option "1" then your "Internal" greeting by pressing 2 or go to next step

  1. Press: 82
  2. Press: 1 for External* or Press: 2 for Internal
  3. Press: 5 for record after the tone
  4. Press: # to end recording
  5. Press: 76 to delete (optional), or
  6. Press: 4 to exit and return

Recording your Name Verification


Press: 829 to record name (Name verification announces your name to internal voice mail users once you leave them a message. Also heard when composing, or forwarding messages)