Research Offices


About the Office of Research


The Office of Research maintains a research environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and contribution to improved health care. We develop and maintain programs to streamline and support the discovery process while assuring adherence to the highest ethical standards in research.

The Office of Research provides the following services and resources:

  • Facilitates communication between investigators and potential research sponsors as well as collaborating organizations
  • Administers the pre-award activities for research funding to Baylor College of Medicine
  • Develops strategic infrastructure programs in support of the research enterprise
  • Assures adherence to federal and state regulations as well as College-wide policies in research conduct
  • Encourages research endeavors by providing funding for new and continuing projects
  • Provides clinical research support services to advance healthcare

Clinical Research

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The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) supports and promotes clinical research efforts and education at Baylor College of Medicine and its affiliate institutions.

Office of Research IT

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The Office of Research IT (ORIT) provides a broad range of data systems, resources, and services to support the research and data needs of basic, clinical and translational investigators at Baylor and its affiliate institutions.

Pediatrics Research Resources Office

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The Pediatrics Research Resources Office (RRO) provides unified, coordinated and comprehensive researcher-focused support and education for all regulatory aspects of both investigator initiated.

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

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The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) provides a learning environment at Baylor that integrates data from diverse domains including the electronic medical record, geospatial and social information and next generation technologies to support research, development and implementation of new approaches to patient care.

Sponsored Programs

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Working with faculty, students, staff and trainees, Sponsored Programs facilitates institutional approval for the pre-award phase of research proposals.


Research Oversight


Research Oversight supports the efforts and recognizes the commitment of researchers in today’s research environment. We are able to facilitate and enhance outstanding research by anticipating the needs and responding effectively by providing centralized offices and integrated infrastructure. We are committed to providing the fundamental elements and compliance guidance that enable successful growth of our basic and clinical research environment.


College Specific Research Resources and Contact Information


Institutional Review Board: Human research protocols - (713) 798-6970

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee: Animal research protocols - (713) 798-6966

Institutional Biosafety Committee: rDNA, hazardous chemicals, gene transfer, animal biosafety - (713) 798-1578

Research Conflict of Interest: Research conflict of interest reporting questions or problems - (713) 798-8826

Research Compliance Services: Reporting any research compliance concerns in confidence - (713) 798-4223

Committee on Scientific Integrity: Reporting concerns involving research misconduct - (713) 798-6983

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