Breeding Colonies


Germ-free animals are extremely expensive to purchase and ship. To address this issue, we maintain breeding colonies of germ-free animals and provides these to investigators at cost. This removes significant cost and logistical barriers to studying the microbiota in these models.

Because space in the facility is limited, core production colonies are carefully sized to meet the current demands of our collaborators. We are occasionally able to fill immediate requests, but frequently must scale up production to account for new projects. Please provide the facility leadership with advance notice of major projects to ensure the availability of animals.


Readily Available From Core Breeding Colonies


Outbred mouse stocks:

  • Swiss Webster

Inbred mouse strains:

  • C57BL/6J
  • C57BL/6NTac
  • BALB/cJ
  • FVB/NJ
  • NSG

Inbred rat strains:

  • F344