Community Events

Baylor community supports local and global community through education and individual efforts

Baylor College of Medicine is more than just healthcare, research and education. Since 1943, faculty, trainees and staff members have made a commitment locally and have expanded efforts globally to deliver world-class care and education to better the lives of others. Find your opportunity.

Since coming to Houston in 1943, Baylor College of Medicine has been an integral part of Houston’s transition into one of the nation’s greatest cities. We are proud to be part of what makes Houston great.

- Paul Klotman, M.D., President, CEO and Executive Dean, Baylor College of Medicine

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Healthcare Outreach

Initiatives designed to provide care to underserved populations.

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Educational Outreach

Programs aimed at promoting interest in science and medicine that span K-12, creating diversity opportunities, and teaching teachers.

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Global Outreach

Partnerships that facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and talents to better lives for people from Honduras to Botswana, from Romania to China, and across the United States.

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Awareness and Entertainment

The message of cancer prevention through screenings is an important one, but it is a challenge to get the attention of those at risk. 

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Poised For Success

Find out how magnet programs, like Houston Independent School District's Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan, are preparing students for successful biomedical careers.

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Serving Our Veterans

From our first affiliated hospital to an accelerated wartime medical program, Baylor College of Medicine has supported the military for members both active and retired. Read about Baylor's commitment to the military community.

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Community Learning

Offerings that focus on a range of health-focused resources including seminars, lectures, online libraries, interactive experiences and featured events.

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Our Affiliates and Community Care

Baylor College of Medicine is fortunate to have some of the best hospitals as affiliated partners serving all segments of the community from the underserved to veterans.