At private and public hospitals and practices throughout Houston, Baylor College of Medicine healthcare providers serve the people of our community. See information on how we work with our many affiliates to provide care to those in need. 

However, not everyone’s health needs are met through traditional modes of care delivery. When Baylor faculty, staff and trainees identify unmet needs, we develop services to fill the void. The initiatives listed highlight some of the ways we are doing this.

Community Health Programs

Community Health Programs, part of Baylor College of Medicine's Family and Community Medicine Department partners with community-based organizations to provide high quality, evidence-based care to underserved areas and to help promote wellness initiatives in neighborhoods near our community health centers.

Environmental Health Clinics

The Baylor Environmental Health Clinics provide clinical services for patients with symptoms or disease that are likely to be caused or exacerbated by exposure to environmental hazards. The clinical services include a comprehensive patient exposure history, followed by a home-based exposure assessment and intervention. The EHCs currently target patients with asthma that is not well controlled and patients with lead poisoning.

Healthcare for the Homeless

The Harris Health System Healthcare for the Homeless Program is an outreach entity of the Harris Health System's Community Health Program. The healthcare team provides a continuum of care with multiple points of entry, which enhances the ability of homeless individuals to access care.

HOMES Clinic

Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston exclusively provides care for individuals who are homeless. Because we only serve patients who are homeless, we are able to tailor our clinical model and services to meet the distinct, and often, complex, health and social needs of those we serve. 

Occupational Health Services

The Occupational Health Program provides services and information for Baylor College of Medicine employees or students. A few of our services are available to the public such as flu immunizations and aviation examinations.

School-Based Clinics Program

The Harris Health System operates eight permanent school-based clinics in conjunction with six independent school districts. Each school-based clinic is linked with a Harris Health System Community Health Center and is staffed with an advanced practice nurse, a licensed vocational nurse and a clinical clerical specialist.

Teen Health Clinic Program

The Teen Health Clinic is a great resource for the youth of the city of Houston and its surrounding areas.

Project ECHO

Project ECHO is a telehealth program that enables specialists to coach primary care providers throughout the state of Texas in treating patients who have been diagnosed with chronic disease, using telecommunication.