At private and public hospitals and practices throughout Houston, Baylor College of Medicine healthcare providers serve the people of our community. See information on how we work with our many affiliates to provide care to those in need. 

However, not everyone’s health needs are met through traditional modes of care delivery. When Baylor faculty, staff and trainees identify unmet needs, they develop services to fill the void. The initiatives listed here highlight some of the ways they are doing this.

Baylor Wellness 5K Run/Walk

Charity Ball

Community Health Programs

Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center Office of Outreach and Health Disparities

Environmental Health

Evening with Genetics

Healthcare for the Homeless 

Healthy Harvest Program

HOMES Clinic

Houston Trauma

Medical Miles Program

Occupational Health Services

Project ECHO

School-Based Clinics Program

Sugar, Heart, and Life Program: A Guide to Living with Diabetes

Teen Health Clinic Program


Do you participate in a Baylor College of Medicine healthcare outreach initiative that is not mentioned here? Contact to add to this list.