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Healthcare Outreach


At private and public hospitals and practices throughout Houston, Baylor College of Medicine healthcare providers serve the health needs of our community. However, not everyone’s health needs are met through traditional modes of care delivery. When Baylor faculty, staff and students identify unmet needs, we develop services and programs to fill the void. The initiatives listed highlight some of the ways we are doing this.


Community Health

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We partner with community-based organizations to provide high quality, evidence-based care to underserved areas and to help promote wellness initiatives in neighborhoods near our community health centers, school clinics and same-day.

Homeless Health

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As part of our dedication to improving the health of medically underserved populations, our faculty and students promoting health, hope and dignity for Houston's homeless through accessible and comprehensive care.

Mental Health

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Through collaboration with our community partners, Baylor College of Medicine provides access to quality mental health care to the adults, children and families of Houston and its surrounding areas.

Teen Health

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The Teen Health Clinic is a great resource for the youth of the city of Houston and its surrounding areas.

Veteran Health

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From our first affiliated hospital to an accelerated wartime medical program, Baylor College of Medicine has supported the military for members both active and retired. 

Medical Services and Resources

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Baylor College of Medicine faculty, staff and students are dedicated to being an ongoing medical and health resources to our community at large including – health professionals, businesses and organizations.

Health Information Resource Center

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See a list of trusted health information resources.




Do you participate in a Baylor College of Medicine healthcare outreach initiative that is not mentioned here? Contact pa-webteam@bcm.edu to add to this list.


Clinical Trials


New research projects, new treatments, new discoveries. View trial eligibility criteria and see how Baylor College of Medicine is moving healthcare forward.