Volunteer Time Off Policy


Policy Overview



The purpose of the policy is to provide Volunteer Time Off for faculty and staff in support and recognition of the contribution that Baylor College of Medicine employees make in their communities.


An employee is eligible to take the equivalent of one regularly scheduled workday per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) for community service activities. VTO must be requested 30 days in advance and approved by the immediate supervisor.


An employee must be classified as a benefit eligible faculty and staff, and currently employed by Baylor for a recommended one year of service (supervisor discretion allowed).


  • VTO time can only be taken in full day increments.
  • VTO time will accrue on first day of the 13th month of employment.
  • Unused VTO time will not carry forward to a new calendar year. Any unused VTO time will be lost on June 30 of the following year.


  1. The supervisor will review the request and confirm or deny approval.
  2. The department may require acceptable proof that VTO time taken is within the purpose of this policy.


In order to align the opportunity to volunteer with Baylor’s strategic goals and to create the greatest impact, a list of preferred community organizations is attached as an exhibit to this policy.

Faculty and staff may recommend organizations they believe are in alignment with Baylor’s strategic vision. Baylor, in its sole discretion, will decide which organizations strategically fit with it’s mission, vision and values.


Preferred Community Organizations


So that your service opportunity can align with Baylor’s strategic goals and can create the greatest impact possible, Baylor recommends the following organizations. Community service opportunities are not limited to this list.

*Please note that attendance at conferences or educational meetings, regardless of the receipt of CME or other educational credit, is not considered community service.


See more volunteer organizations in this list provided by the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Community Outreach Committee.


Student Opportunities


Harbor Hospice of Texas - Volunteer Opportunity

The organization, in the Tomball/North Houston area, is looking for student volunteers interested in expanding their knowledge and experience with this specific patient group.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Young.