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Building on over a century of leadership in biomedical research, Baylor College of Medicine focuses the efforts of our faculty, staff and trainees on improving health through science, scholarship and innovation. This vision is realized through collaborative research initiatives in which basic, translational, and clinical researchers work together across disciplines and specialties to discover fundamental insights into human health and disease and to apply their discoveries to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments.

Located at the heart of the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world, the College is in a unique environment for innovation. Collectively the research engines on the TMC campus are number two in the nation funding from the National Institutes of Health. Researchers collaborate across institutions creating a vast biomedical research ecosystem.

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Looking for Faculty, Collaborators, Mentors?

With VIICTR Profiles you can search for faculty by research interest, view faculty publications and see how each Baylor researcher is connected to others across the College and at affiliated institutions.

Advanced Research Resources

Research Support

Resources to support stages of the research process. Sponsored programs, advanced technology cores, commercialization, research oversight, clinical and translational research infrastructure and training.

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Texas Medical Center

Affiliations with leading research and healthcare institutions in and around the Texas Medical Center provide access to an exceptionally diverse array of people and resources. Discover how our affiliations enhance our research.

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The Baylor Advantage

A hundred years of achievement in biomedical research, exceptional scientists and trainees, and a resource rich research enterprise create an exception environment for basic, clinical and translational research.

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Resources to facilitate faculty achieving their professional goals at every stage of their career. Appointments and promotions, Faculty Senate, Faculty Affairs. professional development, and more.

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From the Labs at Baylor College of Medicine spotlights the newest and most interesting research information from the bench at the College.