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Weather Safety


Hurricane Season


The following resources can show the risk your area may have for flooding.

Severe weather emergencies can happen at any time and often strike quickly. Being prepared for inclement conditions and natural disasters will go a long way in helping to keep yourself and others safe.


Your medical hurricane prep checklist

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Baylor College of Medicine experts share advice on how to stay prepared throughout the season.

Weathering the storm: focus on your mental health

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A Baylor College of Medicine expert explains the behavioral challenges people endure as a result of natural disasters.

What’s in your hurricane kit?

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Preparing for hurricane season is essential for everyone in storm-prone areas, but preparation is especially important for those with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes.

Know your evacuation zone and route

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If you live in the Greater Houston area, find out if you are in an evacuation zone and view your potential evacuation route via the City of Houston Office of Emergency Management.

Stay informed

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The Department of Homeland Security's website offers resources and tips for everything from preparing your home to planning for how to stay in touch with family members.

Preparing for hurricanes

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The Red Cross offers tips on how to keep your home and family safe during a hurricane.


Crisis Information


Read the following list to stay updated on school closures, public transit changes or cancellations, and city of Houston emergency alerts.


County Emergency Management Departments


Below is a listing of emergency management websites for nearby counties in Texas:

Brazoria County
Chambers County
Fort Bend County
Harris County
Montgomery County
Victoria County
Walker County


Emergency Numbers

  • Life-threatening emergency call 911
  • For a medical emergency call 211
  • Non-emergency, or to report debris or flooding: 311 or (713) 884-3131
  • If you need to be rescued call (281) 238-3430
  • United States Coast Guard: (281) 464-4800
  • Report downed power lines: (713) 207-2222

How To Help


Freezing Weather


Here is a short list of things you might consider.  Anticipating that ERCOT (the electrical generation management for Texas) has taken the precautions to keep the power on, the following should help.

  • Open your cabinet doors below any sink on the outside wall. This is most likely your kitchen but could also be bathrooms or laundry rooms
  • Keep a small “trickle” of water (both hot and cold) running in each sink. Having some water movement in your pipes makes it harder for them to freeze
  • Flush your toilets occasionally (every 4 to 6 hours) to have some water movement in the supply pipes
  • Move plants in pots inside either your house or garage. Keep the light on in the garage to provide a little heat (use an incandescent light bulb if you have any)
  • Keep your pool pump running. Moving water through the pump and pipes will help keep them from freezing
  • Keep your house a little warmer than you might otherwise. This will provide a little cushion in case you lose power
  • Make sure your fireplace damper is closed. Fires in the fireplace are net negative heat sources as the hot air going up the chimney is replaced by freezing air from outside
  • If you have roof vents, which you probably do, make sure they are covered. Examples are “roof turbines” on your roof, vents on the underside of your roof overhangs, and ridge vents
  • Turn off and drain your yard sprinkler system if possible. “Pop-up” heads are very likely to freeze if they are not completely buried (most likely in flower beds)
  • Make sure you know where your water supply valve to the house is located. Worst case, there is a shut-off valve at the water meter.  Be sure you have the tools to shut the valve in case you do have a pipe freeze

Frozen, broken pipes do not leak until they thaw.  So be mindful if you have a faucet that does not have any water flow that on Saturday when we get above freezing, you may have a water leak, so be prepared in order to minimize the amount of damage a water leak can cause.