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Premier Research Imaging


Devoted entirely to magnetic resonance imaging research, the CAMRI is recognized as the premier research imaging center in the Southwest.


About the Core


Our faculty and staff are training the next generation of imagers through a program of rigorous coursework and supervised applied study.

The Core for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CAMRI) is a state-of-the-art resource for the Houston research community that makes possible advanced imaging studies of the function, physiology and anatomy of animals and humans. The center houses two cutting-edge imaging systems:


MRI Safety Courses


View MRI safety course and training information.

Pricing for training:

  • MRI Safety Course - No charge
  • $250/hour for level 1 training
  • $500/hour for level 2 training

Pricing Structure for Recertification:

  • 1 person - $500
  • 2 people - $800
  • 3 people - $1100
  • 4 people - $1300

Proven Expertise


View a listing of the Core for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging research team members.

Meet our team



Our diverse faculty conduct state-of-the-art imaging research at Baylor College of Medicine and across the Texas Medical Center and beyond.

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Visiting the Core


Parking is available in Garage 6.

CAMRI is located on the first floor of the Smith Research Wing of Baylor College of Medicine. Here is a map of Baylor College of Medicine showing the location of the Smith Research Wing.

Visitors can enter Baylor at one of two entrances.

The first, the main entrance to Baylor, is located at One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX. This entrance is most convenient for those walking, being dropped off or taking public transit.

The second is the entrance to Baylor from Garage 6, and is most convenient for those driving. The street address for Garage 6 is 1329 Moursund St., Houston, TX.

To enter Baylor College of Medicine, ID is required. Please shown an ID from a local institution (such as BCM, Rice, UT, Houston Methodist, MDACC) to the guard for entry. If you do not have an ID from a local institution, you will be considered a visitor and must show an official government-issued ID to obtain a temporary badge at the security desk. Visitors must be approved by a Baylor employee. Call CAMRI at (713) 798-4214 to obtain approval.

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