Gene Vector Core


About the Core


The Gene Vector Core specializes in the production of helper-dependent adenoviral vector (HDAd) and other popular viral vector systems.

Our services are open to all domestic and international institutions.

The Gene Vector Core was founded in 1997 as the Adenovirus Vector Production Core which specialized in the production of helper-dependent adenoviral vector (HDAd). Over the years, we have extended our expertise to other popular viral vector systems. Our core has been one of BCM Advanced Technology Cores since October 2013 when it transitioned into the DNA Sequencing and Gene Vector Core.


Vectors Production


Viral vectors are produced and purified by basic protocols (e.g., centrifugation by density gradient). Infectious titer of viral vectors is subject to an additional charge. The core has various expression cassettes and basic transfer vectors for expression of your genes including shRNA which are provided to our customers for free of charge. There is no additional charge for packaging plasmids and helper virus. There is no single viral vector system fit for all purposes. The core provides consultations for which vector systems meet the needs of individual investigators and facilitates their research via viral packaging service.

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