Protein and Monoclonal Antibody Production Core Fees

Service Baylor College of Medicine Duncan Cancer Center
Protein Expression in Insect Cells
Co-transfection (includes plaque purification) $858 $685
Bacmid transfection $150 $115
Titer a virus $82 $62
Plaque purification + ten samples for expression screening $238 $218
Produce 500 ml viral stock $478 $375
spinner vessel protein production $255 $220
Time Course production (add to production cost) $58 $48
5.0 liter bioreactor protein production $950 $880
Protein & MAb Expression in Expi293F (HEK293) Cells
120 ml culture $335 $275
1000 ml culture $2,680 $2,260
MAb Production and purification
Hybridoma cell culture (per liter) $425 $365
IgG Quantification ELISA $65 $50
Antibody affinity purification (from 2-L hybridoma cell culture) $1,200 $1,200
CL1000 production (100-mg scale) Request Quote
Custom antibody purification (affinity, IEX, SEC, etc.) Request Quote
Protein Purification
Expression and purification from E.coli (2-L culture) $660 $660
Standard affinity purification from insect or mammalian cells (per cell pellet) $560 $560
Custom chromatograph purification (affinity, IEX, SEC, etc.) Request Quote
Protein Biophysical Characterization
Assisted Services $80/hr $80/hr
Unassisted Services $40/hr $40/hr
Generation of fluorescent- and biotin-tagged proteins $200/sample $200/sam[ple
Custom protein characterization Request Quote