Advanced Liver Therapies Research Clinical Trials


About ALT Clinical Trials


Led by Dr. John M. Vierling, Advanced Liver Therapies Research Center endorses and practices the highest standards of ethical research, while providing opportunities for all patients to participate in clinical trials.

Working with practicing physicians, the center:

  • Coordinates with referring physicians, who continue to provide all clinical care
  • Provides patients with access to clinical trials
  • Provides a patient-friendly environment including individual exam rooms, phlebotomy facility, FibroScan with CAP to detect living scarring and fat and an infusion center
  • Works with study sponsor to ensure all research medications, exams, testing, imaging and procedures are paid: no patient co-pays, no charges to insurance, no insurance pre-authorizations
  • Provides patients with results of all laboratory, imaging or pathology tests for use in overall healthcare

Physician Outreach


Do you have patients living with liver disease? The following research studies are currently enrolling:


NASH Without Cirrhosis

  • Pfizer PF-05221304: ACC1/2 inhibitor
  • Shire Volixibat: Inhibitor of ASBT (apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter)
  • GENFIT Elafibranor: Mixed PPAR Alpha/Delta Agonist
  • Novartis LIN452: Non-bile agonist of FXR
  • Gilead 1943 ASK1 Inhibitor (selonsertib) Stage 3 fibrosis only
  • Intercept 303: Obeticholic acid (FXR agonist) Stage 2 fibrosis only

NASH With Cirrhosis

  • Conatus IDN 6554-14: Caspase Inhibitor
  • Conatus IDN 6556-17: Caspase Inhibitor
  • Gilead: 1944 ASKI Inhibitor (selonsertib)

HCV GTs 1-4, Including TN, TE +DAA Failures

  • Merck 36828-021 - DAA failures (GT1 & GT3)
  • Merck 36828-037 - TN or TE with P/R only (GT#)
  • Merck 3682C-047 - TN or TE with P/R only (GT1 and GT4)
  • Merck 3682C-048 - TN or TE with P/R only (GT2)