Mouse Metabolism and Phenotyping Core Fees


Phenotyping Services (Available in T001)

Instrument/Service BCM/MOU Member
7.0 T MRI (live animal) $111/hr (+)
(+) CT (3D X-Ray) $65/hr (+)
(+) Bruker (2D X-ray/fluorescence/luminescence) $13/hr
Faxitron (DEXA for body composition and X-ray) $3.50/mouse
Ultrasound $60/hr
Indirect Calorimetry $10/hr
Body Comp/BMD $3.50/mouse
Metabolic Cages (feces/urine collection) $10/mouse/week (++)
CLAMS (16 cage HC system) >24hours $21/mouse/day
CLAMS (16 cage HC system <24hours $30/mouse/day
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure $3/mouse (+)
(+)Telemetry (ECG,BP, Glucose) $10/hr
Plethysmography $12/hr
ECG (Mouse Monitor or ECGenie) $3/mouse
Doppler $6
Other Tests:
Running Wheels $42/mouse/week (++)
(++)Grip Strength $2/mouse
Treadmill $7/hr
Hypoxic Housing $10/day
Surgical and Anesthesia:
Anesthesia $7/hr
Surgical Services Contact for pricing
Core Assistance:
Tech Time $34/hr
Data Analysis Assistance $72/hr

+) denotes services that require Tech Time for data acquisition -this will be reflected as a separate charge

(++) denotes equipment that requires a set-up/break-down/cage-wash fee -2 hours of Tech Time will be reflected as a separate charge


 Metabolism Services (Available in R630)

Instrument/Service BCM/MOU Member
Glucose Metabolism:
Glucose tolerance test (with Glucometer)  $150/10 mice
Glucose tolerance test (blood collection) $225/10 mice
Glucose tolerance test with insulin $700/10 mice
Insulin tolerance test $150/10 mice
Pyruvate tolerance test (Gluconeogenesis) $200/10 mice
Body Composition and Temperature:
EchoMRI $100/10 mice
Body Temperature $50/10 mice
Body Composition and Temperature:
EchoMRI $100/10 mice
Body Temperature $50/10 mice
Metabolic and Activity Monitoring:
CLAMS (10 cage HC system) ->24hours $21/mouse/day
CLAMS (10 cage HC system)<24hours $30/mouse/day
Activity monitoring in home cage for 24 hrs $125/10 mice
Cellular O2Consumption & Glycolysis Monitoring:
Seahorse-Single plate run and data generation (cartridge not included) - XF24 system $70/plate
Seahorse-Single plate run and data generation (cartridge not included) - XFe96 system $110/plate
Multiple Plate run Contact for Pricing
Hyperinsulinemic Clamp:
Insulin clamp (no tracer) to measure GIR (glucose infusion rate) $2,500/10 mice
Insulin clamp using tracer (3H) to measure BGP, HGP, GDR, GIR $5,000/10 mice
Insulin clamp and tissue specific glucose uptake (3H and 14C)  
- Clamp with muscle glucose uptake$6,250.00/10 mice $6,250/10 mice
- Clamp with WAT glucose uptake $6,250/10 mice
- Clamp with BAT glucose uptake $6,250/10 mice
- Clamp with any two tissue glucose uptake$7,500.00/10 mice E. Clamp with multiple tissue glucose uptake Add $50/tissue/mouse
In vivo lipolysis $225/10 mice
Lipid Profile: VLDL, HDL, LDL (by HPLC) $125/sample
Hepatic triglyceride secretion Contact for pricing
Triglyceride clearance assay Contact for pricing
Lipogenesis in vivo Contact for pricing
Fatty acid uptake by isolated hepatocytes in vitroContact for pricing Contact for pricing
Routine Blood Parameter (plasma/serum): 10 sample minimum
Diabetes & Lipid panel:
Glucose $5/sample *
Insulin** $14/sample **
Total Cholesterol $5/sample *
Leptin** $15/sample **
Adiponectin* $15/sample *
TG* $5/sample *
Free Fatty Acid* $10/sample *
Glycerol* $5/sample *
Direct HDL Cholesterol* $10/sample *
Creatinine* $7/sample *
BUN* $7/sample
For all 8 parameters (1-8) and bulk(>50)samples Contact for pricing
Liver Panel:
Albumin* $5/sample *
ALT (SPGT)** $10/sample **
AST (SGOT)** $10/sample **
ALP (Alkaline phosphatase)** $10/sample **
Total Bilirubin** $10/sample **
For all 6 parameters and bulk (>50) samples Contact for pricing
*5ul plasma/serum required for assay
**10ul plasma/serum required for assay
Additional Services:
Lipid Extraction $10/sample
IV Injection $10/mouse
Long term infusion through jugular vein in unanesthetized mouse for metabolic studies $350/mouse
Blood collection/plasma prep $7/sample