Center for Precision Medicine Models


About the Center


The Center for Precision Medicine Models brings together internationally recognized leaders in clinical genetics, bioinformatics, and model organism research at the Baylor College of Medicine. Our goal is to develop precision animal models that will end the diagnostic odyssey of patients with undiagnosed genetic diseases and serve as resources for exploring personalized approaches to their care.

The center supports researchers, clinicians, genetic counselors, patients and support organizations in the development and study of precision animal models of human-disease-associated genetic variation. Our center focuses on producing and phenotyping precision fly and mouse models of human disease and can facilitate discovery of spontaneous disease models in established rhesus macaque colonies. Visit cores for more details on the center’s capabilities.

The Center for Precision Medicine Models at Baylor College of Medicine (U54 OD030165) is funded by the NIH Office of Research Infrastructure Programs through the Office of the Director. Efforts at Baylor are complemented by funded centers at The Jackson Laboratory and University of Alabama Birmingham.

Nominate a Variant for Modeling

A clinician, genetic counselor, or researcher wishing to nominate a variant for precision modeling can complete the online nomination form. View the Variant Nomination Guidance for more details on the processes and to nominate a variant. If a variant is selected for modeling, the center works closely with the nominator to develop an experimental plan that addresses key clinically relevant questions. 

Patients, families, or family organizations wishing to discuss nomination of a variant can contact the center at


Variant Nomination Guidance


Information for clinicians, genetic counselors and researchers wanting to nominate a variant for modeling.

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Baylor receives NIH funding for center to model rare genetic diseases


Baylor College of Medicine has received a five-year, $9.94 million grant from the National Institutes of Health for the new Center for Precision Medicine Models.

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