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Access Array

The Access Array module is a fully integrated system that enables amplicon tagging and long-range PCR on Access Array IFCs for genomic regional capture and library preparation for next-generation sequencing. The products from the Access Array module are DNA libraries that are ready for loading on next-generation sequencers. It can be used with the Fluidigm BioMark HD module to enable real-time and end-point analysis of the amplification reactions within the Access Array.

BioMark HD

The BioMark HD System is a fully integrated real-time PCR system that enables analysis of gene expression, genotyping, mutant detection, and absolute quantification of nuclei acid sequences. When combined with the Access Array System and the C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System, the BioMark HD can expand its power to provide the following applications: target gene sequencing, digital PCR, sample preparation and quantification for next-generation sequencing, and single-cell gene expression and DNA copy number quantification.

C1 Single Cell Auto Prep

The C1 Single Cell Auto Prep enables the isolation and preparation of individual cells for single-cell gene expression analysis in a streamlined fashion. It is a fully integrated system that can handle the capture, lysis, reverse transcription, and targeted pre-amplification of 96 single cells on a single instrument. This system can be used in single-cell DNA and mRNA analysis.




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