Research Support


Discovering the fundamentals of human health and disease and translating these discoveries into advances that improve lives, requires collaborative, coordinated efforts by individuals and teams with diverse expertise. Baylor College of Medicine has extensive resources to support our scientists.


Office of Research

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The Office of Research develops and maintains programs to streamline and support the discovery process while assuring adherence to the highest ethical standards in research. The Office of Research provides support for sponsored projects, important documents and forms, research oversight and more.

Advanced Technology Core Laboratories

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Core facilities provide state-of-the-art instrumentation and technologies to support research of all faculty. ATC Labs are each staffed by a scientific director and dedicated technical personnel who provide the highest quality laboratory work plus consultation on experimental design, data analysis and training. 

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

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The Dan L Duncan Institute for Clinical and Translational Research supports and promotes translational and clinical research across Baylor College of Medicine and its partner institutions in clinical care, education, and research.

Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research Center

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The CIBR Center helps students and faculty address the broad range of analytical problems posed by the complexity of high throughput biological datasets. The goal of the center is to help bridge the translational gap from data to models, and from models to drug discovery and personalized therapy by fostering collaborations and developing original quantitative approaches to biological and clinical problems.

Virtually Integrated Institutions for Clinical & Translational Research

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VIICTR serves as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and data sharing across a multi-institutional network of scientific investigators, clinicians, and community leaders to enable clinical and translational research and discovery. With VIICTR Profiles you can search Baylor faculty by research area and see how each is connected to others at the College.