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Thursday, August 5


Wednesday, August 4


Associated Press
Houston mask mandate might violate Texas governor’s order
(This story appeared in multiple outlets.)

New York Times
Is the Delta Variant Making Younger Adults ‘Sicker, Quicker’?
(This story appeared in multiple outlets.)

Washington Post
I treat pediatric covid patients. What I’m seeing in our hospital scares me.
(This story appeared in multiple outlets.)

Houston Chronicle
These companies are requiring COVID vaccinations for their employees
Opinion: Kids are 'collateral damage' as adults balk at COVID-19 vaccinations and masks
How to talk to your loved ones about getting the COVID-19 vaccine

KXLN Univision 45
Todos los empleados del Colegio de Medicina de Baylor deberán recibir la vacuna contra el coronavirus

CW 39
TONIGHT: COVID-19 Community Meeting with State Representative Ann Johnson and local medical and COVID-19 expert Dr. Peter Hotez

Houston Public Media
Hospitals Across Texas And The U.S. Mull Vaccine Mandates In Wake Of Houston Methodist Lawsuit
The Fourth Wave – Where Are We With COVID Vaccinations And What Could Happen Next?
Fort Bend County Raises COVID-19 Threat Level Due To Spread Of Delta Variant

Texas Monthly
“I Don’t Believe Anything”: Among the Unvaccinated in One Central Texas Community

Spectrum News
Doctors urging pregnant, breastfeeding women to get COVID-19 vaccine

Defender Network
Fort Bend County raises COVID-19 threat level because of Delta variant

Health Day News
Statin Use Improves Survival in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Guidance Issued for Reducing ASCVD Risk in Hypertriglyceridemia

The Scientist
Organoid Shape Identifies Potential Cancer Drugs

Lab Roots
Aging Cells May Lose Control of Where an mRNA Sequence Starts

HCP Live
Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease Demonstrate Limited Health Literacy

Medical Device Network
Baylor College of Medicine scientists develop test for schizophrenia

Medical News
Feinstein Institutes awarded $2.9 million NIH funding for polygenic embryo selection studies


Monday, August 2


CBS News
Lollapalooza sparks COVID-19 worries as concertgoers flock to Chicago

Tracking breakthrough COVID-19 cases in Texas. Here’s what we know
‘It put me in a dark, scary place’: Dr. Hotez reveals what it was like to fight COVID-19 disinformation

'This is going to accelerate very rapidly' | Houston doctor urges vaccinations as Delta variant surges nationwide

WFAA ABC 8– Dallas, TX
VERIFY: Yes, your pets can catch the West Nile Virus. Here are the animals that will have symptoms

CBS New York
New York City Rolls Out $100 Incentive For Getting Vaccinated As CDC Report Warns Delta Variant As Contagious As Chicken Pox

The Hill
Delta variant raises fears of worsening mutations

Houston Chronicle
Memorial Hermann will soon require vaccines for its employees, like Houston Methodist and Baylor

Fox News
'The Ingraham Angle' on mask mandates, Dem's infrastructure bill

U.S. News & World Report
Take This Refresher on Skin Safety in Summer Sun

USA Today
Some COVID hot spots see increase in vaccinations; Massachusetts outbreak shows 'vaccines are working'

Rolling Stone
Sen. Johnson Opposes Vaccine Mandate Unless Virus is ‘Incredibly Deadly.’ Covid Has Killed 613,000 Americans So Far

For India’s Pharma Tycoons, Covid-19 Vaccines Are The New Cash Cows

Yahoo Finance
Doctor on Delta variant: ’All of us are extremely concerned’

Newborn Diseases Every Pregnant Person Needs on Their Radar

The Economic Times
Biological E plans to break into the big league by manufacturing three Covid-19 vaccines

The Straits Times
Vaccines best weapon as Delta variant threatens efforts: WHO

Hindustan Times
Delta as infectious as chickenpox: CDC report

Health Day News
Troubling Rise Seen in Both COVID, RSV Cases Among Children
(This story appeared in multiple outlets)
Vaccines Remain Largely Effective Against Delta Variant, Counter to Claims From Fox News Guest

Psychology Today
Programs to Help Doctors Are Rife With Problems

New antibodies may lead to a norovirus vaccine

HCP Live
Looking Forward in Asthma Treatment

Trial supports shorter antibiotics for UTIs in men