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Friday, Aug. 28

E! Online
What Are Keloids? Everything You Need to Know About These Overgrown Skin Scars

MedPage Today
Bed Bug Resurgence a Multifactorial Issue

Houston Chronicle
Sears Celebrates First Year in Houston with Incredible Deals!  
New state law to warn public about virus - thanks to Katy-area mom

Thursday, Aug. 27

U.S. Kids Growing Fatter Than Canadian Kids

Workplace violence again makes national news and a local expert weighs in on the violence

Wednesday, Aug. 26

Houston Chronicle
Area teen battling rare brain infection

Health Day News
American Kids Growing Fatter Than Their Canadian Cousins

MedPage Today
Transient Newborn Hypoglycemia Tied to Poor Academics

Bedbug resurgence, avoidance and treatment discussed at AAD meeting

Daily Sun News
Interactive chart gives clues on weight changes  
Healthy tips for students heading off to college

Tuesday, Aug. 25

The Wall Street Journal
New Ways for Patients to Get a Second Opinion

The Washington Post
We disagree with our colleagues: Not all LVAD experiences are bad

Science News
The human genome takes shape and shifts over time

PODCAST: More men are getting plastic surgery

What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

Health Day News
Brief drop in blood sugar at birth tied to poorer school performance *
Reappeared in more than 100 media outlets across the country

Parent Herald
Transient Hypogycemia To Blame For Difficulties In School?

The Coastal Courier
Physical exercise important; don't neglect mental stimulation

Newborn hypoglycemia may lower childhood test scores

In Houston, 'perfect storm' for infection is bringing third-world disease to U.S.

Friday, Aug. 21

In Houston, 'perfect storm' for infection is bringing third-world disease to U.S.

Health Medicine Network
Report shows uninsured Texans are twice as likely to delay seeking primary care, mental health care

Medical Daily
Bed Bugs Are On The Rise: What Should You Know About Humanity's Eternal Pest? (This story appeared in multiple news outlets across the country)

Covering Katy
Baylor Expert Offers Tips For Successful College Transition

Queens Tribune
Get Inspired: Help Fight Heart Attack And Stroke