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Monday, July 6

Mixing lime drinks and sun could give you margarita dermatitis, doctor says

Houston Chronicle
Oncologist: Low-cost gene tests for cancer may have big risk

Men’s Health Magazine
Should You Take an Aspirin a Day for Your Heart?

Aphrodisiacs Can Spark Sexual Imagination, But Probably Not Libido  
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Fortune Magazine
We should all care about concussions in women's soccer. Here's why.

Associated Press
Immigrant children in Texas detention center given adult dose of hepatitis A vaccine  
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Thursday, July 2

Houston Chronicle
Flea-borne disease thought eradicated reemerging in Galveston

East Oregonian
Boating accident led to career as plastic surgeon

Celgene’s $138,000 Doctor Payment Left Off Study Disclosures

Wednesday, July 1

Houston Chronicle
Wednesday letters: The poor and medically underserved are a major challenge for Harris Health System  
Chief of Pediatric Cardiology named at Memorial Hermann

Bindness Etc.
Here’s How Celgene Corporation Billion Dollar Investment In Juno Therapeutics Inc Makes Sense

Cardiology Today
Rivaroxaban shows continued safety data in nonvalvular AF, consistent with phase III trials

Bryan College Station Eagle
Former A&M Health Science Center CEO lands new roles in Houston

Tuesday, June 30

Houston Chronicle
Channel 11 sportscaster Allen going on leave to treat cancer  
OP-ED: Yang, Soifer: USAID reforms needed to save lives

TMC News
Ericka Brown, M.D., named new leader at Ben Taub Hospital

CTV Health
Researchers link ear infections to rare gene variant

How to avoid an energy slump on vacation

Monday, June 29

Houston Chronicle
Study will test antivenin for copperhead bites

Houston Business Journal
Despite challenges, Baylor maintains wellness program 

Washington Post
Anti-vaccine doctor behind ‘dangerous’ autism therapy found dead. Family cries foul

Pulse Nigeria
Stress Sweating: Learn why and how to stop it

MD Magazine
Lipids: Sometimes Ignored as Player in Cardiovascular Disease

Friday, June 26

Shape Magazine
Why You Stress-Sweat and How to Stop It

What to Expect
More C-Section Moms "Seeding" Babies with Bacteria from Birth Canal Fluids

Becker’s Hospital Review
Tackling depression, suicide in physician trainees: 3 key steps

Science Newsline
Waging War on Australia's Nastiest Parasite: Scientists Map Blowfly Genome

ABC News
Finding a solution to flystrike a step closer now Australian researchers have decoded entire blowfly genome