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Thursday, April 15


Houston Chronicle
COVID Help Desk: I had an appointment for a Johnson & Johnson shot. What do I do now?

Pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccinations: Will this cause vaccine hesitancy?

Texas Monthly
A DNA Zoo Maps the Mysteries of All Creatures Great and Small

WNYC - New York Public Radio
Afghanistan Exit; Performance Venues Report; Preventing Pandemics; West Farms and Green Spaces

Fox 23 - Tulsa, OK
Coronavirus: Targeted ‘smell therapy’ helps some COVID-19 patients regain sense of smell, taste
(This article appeared in multiple outlets.)

Health Day News
Diabetes Can Lead to Amputations, But Stem Cell Treatment Offers Hope

Better Homes and Gardens
10 Everyday Mistakes You're Making That Could Be Hurting Your Home's Air Quality

Wallet Hub
How do you think COVID-19 has affected consumer demand for car insurance?

SB Nation
Jayson Tatum needs an inhaler before games due to long-term Covid symptoms

Genome Web
Arcedi Biotech Introduces NIPT Analyzing DNA From Rare Fetal Cells in Maternal Blood
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HCP Live
Christie Ballantyne, MD: Cholesterol Levels During COVID-19

Women's World
A Promising New Supplement May Improve Brain Health, Boost Strength, and Reverse Overall Signs of Aging
5 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Risk by 60%

Financial Advisor
Vaccine Blood-Clot Side Effect Puts Focus On Immune Reaction

Texas A&M Today
Reflecting On COVID-19 And A Growing Public Health Threat

Office of the Governor
Governor Abbott Appoints Foster and Rowling to Parks and Wildlife Commission