Monday, March 23

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The Virus Can Be Stopped, but Only With Harsh Steps, Experts Say

The Best-Case Outcome for the Coronavirus, and the Worst

US coronavirus death toll hits 300 as more states urge residents to stay home

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Coronavirus or not, these new doctors are matched and ready to work

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Patients face canceled appointments and delayed surgeries as doctors respond to coronavirus. They're worried about the wait.

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Conrgresswoman Sylvia Garcia and infectious-disease specialist Dr. Shital Patel discuss the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Researchers race to find coronavirus treatments

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Coronavirus Vaccines: Five Key Questions as Trials Begin

The World After This

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Match Day 2020 virtually perfect for TMC medical students headed to residencies

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Baylor College of Medicine allergist explains difference between allergies, coronavirus

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FDA Authorizes New Test That Could Detect Coronavirus In About 45 Minutes

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Fact check: Will holding your breath for 10 seconds reveal if you have coronavirus?

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Playing golf during coronavirus outbreak: Is it safe? Medical experts weigh in

Why Are the Educated More Likely To Be Against Vaccines?

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You've got questions. We've got answers.

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Editorial: Misinformation about vaccinations threatens the nation's health

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How Social Distancing Works and What It Means For Youn

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Allergies versus COVID-19

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Video games to keep you fit while the gym is closed

There’s new information about how coronavirus affects babies + preschoolers

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Pregnancy and COVID-19: What to know

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CVS Corrects Misinformation on Coronavirus Prevention in Letter to Staff

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Infants may have higher risk of coronavirus complications than older children, studies show

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Fauci Says Antibody Treatment Is One Of Coronavirus Team’s ‘Top Priorities’

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Doctors Say Children Vital to Slowing COVID-19 Pandemic – Here’s How

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Here’s How Long Clinical Trials for Possible Coronavirus Cure Will Take, According to Experts

NY Gov. Cuomo Says NY to Begin Trials for Malaria Drug Touted by Trump

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Games People Play When Self Quarantining — Board Games, Puzzles and Card Games That Make Social Distancing More Fun

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10 Symptoms of a Kidney Problem

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LSU Medical student from Shreveport makes a match

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Texas school excels in ranking of country’s best graduate schools while Houston schools lag behind

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Study Identifies New Neurodegenerative Disorder

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This is One Hidden Health Hazard of Using Mouthwash