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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds


Co-provided by Baylor College of Medicine and The Menninger Clinic


The Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds are held weekly, featuring local faculty, as well as regional and national speakers. The presentations cover a wide range of mental health topics germane to our faculty, residents, fellows, and other mental health clinicians.

Grand Rounds will pause following May presentations until September 2025.

May 2024 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session
May 1Forging Paths to a Disability-Inclusive Healthcare WorkforceChristopher Moreland, M.D.
May 8No Grand Rounds 
May 15Unraveling the Threads of Intergenerational Trauma: From Biological Markers and Learned Behaviors to Transgenerational ResilienceMelissa Goldberg Mintz, PsyD
May 22The Education Portfolio: What, Why, How?Susan Raine, M.D., J.D.
May 29The John P. McGovern Award Lectureship: Positive Deviance and Psycho-Social WellnessArvind Singhal, Ph.D.
April 2024 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session
April 24Faculty Development WorkshopJin Han, M.D.
Sindhu Idicula, M.D.
Kanta Velamuri, M.B.B.S. 
Jeffrey Bates, M.D.
April 17Adolescent Substance Use, Working through Co-Occurring ConditionsEdore Onigu-Otite, M.D. 
April 10Ketamine/Esketamine in Psychiatry: Where We Have Come From and Where We Are GoingNeil Puri, M.D.
April 3Addictions Update 2024: Hot Topics and Emerging Trends in Substance Use TreatmentDaryl Shorter, M.D. 
March 2024 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session
March 6Biomarkers of Suicide Attempts and Recovery: MicroRNAS as Epigenetic Plasma BiomarkersThomas Kosten, M.D.
March 13Spring Break 
March 20Faculty Meeting 
March 27Lessons Learned: Medicolegal Principles that Improve Clinical Care and Decrease Risk

Ed Poa, M.D.

Topaz Sampson, M.D. 

February 2024 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session
Feb. 7Faculty Meeting 
Feb. 14Advancing Healthcare Professional Well-Being: An Organizational Psychiatry Model and an Initiative to Guide your ApproachGaurava Agarwal, M.D.
Feb. 21Addressing Suicide in Traumatized YouthKerry Horrell, Ph.D. 
Carlin Barnes, M.D.
Feb. 28Suicide: Immediate and Life Course Mechanisms and PreventionAlan Swann, M.D.
January 2024 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session
Jan. 3No Grand Rounds 
Jan. 10No Grand Rounds - Faculty Meeting 
Jan. 17Implementing Measurement-Based Psychiatric Care at The Menninger ClinicMichelle Patriquin, Ph.D.
Jon Allen, Ph.D.
Jan. 24Recognizing and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence: Practical Clinical & Legal Considerations for Mental Health ProfessionalsVelimir Rasic, J.D.
Joslyn Fisher, M.D.
Jan. 31Senate Bill 17John Saunders, M.D.
Grand Rounds Schedule 2023
December 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session
Dec. 6The Role of Mental Health Professionals in the Asylum Process Sophia Banu, M.D.
J. Wesley Boyd, M.D., Ph.D.
Monica Alzate, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. 
Dec. 13Faculty Promotion Pathways with a Focus on the Single Mission PathwayJohn Saunders, M.D.
Dec. 20No Grand Rounds 
Dec. 27Christmas Holiday - No Grand Rounds 
November 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session
Nov. 1Working with High-Risk Youth: Child Trauma and Differential Diagnosis  Eugene Griffin, J.D., Ph.D.
Nov. 8Postpartum Psychosis (PPP) and Infanticide: Clinical and Legal Perspectives in 2023 Nicole Cirino, M.D.
Nov. 15Menopause: A Much-Neglected Neurological Transition State and Period of Psychiatric VulnerabilityKaren Horst, M.D. 
Nov. 22No Grand Rounds 
Nov. 29Clozapine is the Most Effective Antipsychotic Medication; Why are we not Prescribing it?Olaoluwa Okusaga, M.D.
October 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
Oct. 4Controversies Around Antipsychotics Medications in the Treatment of Psychotic DisordersAwais Aftab, M.D.
Oct. 11First Do No Harm: Current Issues and Controversies in Pediatric Gender MedicineKathleen McDeavitt, M.D.
Oct. 18Risks and Benefits of Social Media in Psychiatric EducationHoward Liu, M.D.
Kim-Lan Czelusta, M.D.
Oct. 25The Effects of Corticosteroid Excess on the Human BrainSherwood Brown, M.D.
September 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
Sept. 6Psychodynamic Formulation: An Expanded ApproachDeborah Cabaniss, M.D.
Sept. 13Professionalism MattersEllen Friedman, M.D.
Sept. 20Faculty Meeting 
Sept. 27Neurocognitive Disorders and Older Adults: An Update on Clinical and Educational PracticeMolly Camp, M.D.
May 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
May 24, 
12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
(new time)
The John P. McGovern Award Lectureship: When Breath Becomes Air: Reflecting on Meaning in Medicine (Cullen Auditorium & Zoom)Lucy Kalanithi, M.D., FACP 
May 17No Grand Rounds 
May 10It’s Not Burnout, It’s Moral InjurySheila LoboPrabhu, M.D.
May 3Advancing Quality and Evidence-Based Practices in PsychiatryLuming Li, M.D.
April 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
April 26Brain Stimulation Development for Opioid Use DisorderHyuntaek Oh, Ph.D.
April 19Strategies, Barriers, and Possible Solutions to Integrating Educational Research and Scholarship into Existing Work Efforts Nital P. Applebaum, Ph.D.
April 12Psychiatric Manifestations of Autoimmune Disorders: What Psychiatrists Need to KnowAnthony Zoghbi, M.D. 
April 5Psychosocial Interventions for Bipolar DisorderAmy Cuellar, Ph.D.
March 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
March 29COVID-19, the Frame, and the Changing Face of PsychotherapyGlen Gabbard, M.D.
March 22Faculty Meeting 
March 15Spring Break 
March 8The McNair Initiative for Neuroscience Discovery (MIND) – Impulsivity and Sociability FindingsNidal Moukaddam, M.D., Wayne Goodman, M.D., Ramiro Salas, M.D., Ashutosh Sabharwal, Ph.D., Bishal Lamichhane (Ph.D. candidate)
March 1The Risky Brain, Adolescence, and Healthy Risk BehaviorsNina Lauharatanahirun, Ph.D.
February 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
Feb. 22Transgender Mental HealthEric Yarbrough, M.D.
Feb. 15Faculty Development: Building Your CVSusan P. Raine, M.D., JD, LLM, MEd
Feb. 8Temporal Architecture of Suicide: Interacting Immediate and Long-term Action RegulationAlan Swann, M.D.
Feb. 1Patient-Derived Brain-Based Mechanistic Studies of Mental Health DisordersConsuelo Walss-Bass, Ph.D.
January 2023 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
Jan. 25Thinking about Prescribing: What the Therapeutic Alliance and Evidence Base Teach Us About Psychopharmacology with Diverse Youth and FamiliesShashank V. Joshi, M.D.
Jan. 18SOM Curriculum Renewal Update (for faculty only)Drs. Nadia Ismail and Sherita Love
Jan. 11Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder: Practice Updates for PsychiatristsJulia Ridgeway-Diaz, M.D.
Jan. 4Faculty Development WorkshopFor faculty only
































Grand Rounds Schedule 2022
December 2022 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
Dec. 28Christmas Holiday Week 
Dec. 21Christmas Holiday Week 
Dec. 14Faculty Meeting 
Dec. 7Pregnancy Termination: What Psychiatrists Need to Know Karen Horst, M.D., Alison Goulding, M.D.
November 2022 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
Nov. 30Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Substance Use Disorder Development and Treatment OutcomesDaryl Shorter, M.D.
Nov. 23Thanksgiving Holiday 
Nov. 16The Emerging Relationship between the Immune System and Obsessive-Compulsive  Disorder and Tics in ChildrenSarah O'Dor, Ph.D.
Nov. 9Internal and External Barriers to Healthcare: An Overview of Health Equity for WomenKerry Horrell, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Laney, Ph.D.
Nov. 2Medications for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Matching: The Challenge of FentanylThomas Kosten, M.D.
October 2022 Grand Rounds Flyer -- for details on each session.
Oct. 26Detecting and Undoing Racial Bias in the Delivery of Electroconvulsive Therapy  Carmen Black, M.D.
Oct. 19Novel Psychopharmacologic Interventions in Oncology  Christian Bjerre Real, M.D., MMCI
Oct. 12ADHD and Electronics: The Game -Life Balance Edore Onigu-Otite, M.D.
Oct. 5Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health: Understanding Prolonged Grief Disorder in the Context of Traumatic LossJonathan Blassingame, III, Ph.D., John Saunders, M.D., LaVonya Bennett, Ph.D.
September 2022 Grand Rounds flyer -- for details on each session.
Sept. 28Beyond the Capacity to Make Medical Decisions: the Psychiatrist's Role in Determining Testamentary Capacity and Other Civil CapacitiesEdward Poa, M.D.
Sept. 21Faculty Meeting 
Sept. 14Pro-active Psychiatric Consultation: The Future of CL PsychiatryLindsay Pershern, M.D., Pedro Fernandez, M.D.
Sept. 7Overdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder: Myth or Reality?Marsal Sanches, M.D., Ph.D.