COVID-19 Response 

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Department of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery Education


COVID-19 Related Cancellations


The Office of the Registrar will be complying with the BCM Incident Command Center’s guidance and will be canceling all visiting student rotations, effective March 16, 2020.

Departmental grand rounds are suspended until further notice.


About our Programs


Baylor offers one of the top Neurosurgery Residency Programs in the country. The success of our program stems from its dedication to both undergraduate and graduate medical education, training in modern neurosurgical techniques in vast amounts of sub-specialty specific experiences, and opportunities to participate in basic science and clinical research.

In addition we offer training for medical students, a pediatric neurosurgical fellowship program (this is strictly at Texas Children's Hospital and is not accredited by Baylor), and research training in our MECCA Lab.


Lectures & Grand Rounds


Our academic program consists of a coordinated schedule of conferences and lectures in the basic and clinical neurosciences, as well as a structured curriculum of independent readings.


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MECCA Laboratory


The Microsurgical and Endoscopic Center for Clinical Applications Lab is a cadaveric surgical lab designed for training, education and research. The lab is configured to support the educational goals of almost any surgical specialty or approach and is used throughout the academic year for various workshops.

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