Since its beginning, our department has always been a place of innovation and excellence. In fact, the inscription on Dr. DeBakey’s Medal of Honor reads, “My goal in life has been the pursuit of excellence.”

We are building on that rich heritage as our faculty continues to expand and attract world renowned surgeons with advanced subspecialty training and expertise. We use innovative techniques including advanced minimally invasive and robotic pancreatic, hepatobiliary, gastrointestinal, endocrine, vascular, and thoracic surgery, and offer innovative clinical trials including immunotherapy for cancer.

We are serving our local population, including Harris County residents, and our veteran population. Our surgeons, who are leaders in their fields, are attracting patients who are willing to travel great distances to access truly expert care and our proven superior outcomes.

Plastic Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

For information about our pediatric surgical service, please see Texas Children's Hospital Surgery.