Department of Surgery

Office of Surgical Research


Our Team


To enable scientists and clinicians to remain focused at the bench and bedside, Dr. Livia Eberlin, vice-chair for research, has brought together a highly skilled team of professionals who provide the following support for department faculty and their trainees:  

  • Research planning and study development
  • Technical laboratory support
  • Grant proposal development
  • Clinical trial support
  • IRB templates and examples
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Statistical support
  • Budget support
  • Document/manuscript editing
  • Preparation of figures, tables, and medical illustrations
  • Proposal routing
  • Report submission

Planning to Submit a Grant?


The Office of Surgical Research supports faculty with the time-consuming and often complex process associated with submitting applications for research funding. Find descriptions of our services and timeline below, and then fill out our online Intent to Submit form through this link. This form efficiently communicates your grant support needs to the whole Office of Surgical Research team. 

For best support, requests should be made at least one month ahead of deadlines to make sure time is allocated for your project.

Submit Your Intent to Submit Funding Proposal

Project Timeline


At least one month in advance:

  • Seasoned and successful research faculty and department leadership are available to review your study design and provide valuable insight and feedback for making your proposal competitive. 
  • Biostatisticians can make sure your resulting data will be robust.

Two weeks in advance: 

  • Budget specialists can help you create a budget for your project that conforms to Baylor and sponsor requirements. 
  • Editing support can give your proposal that final polish, ensuring that documents conform to sponsor requirements and communicate your great ideas clearly.

One week in advance:

  • The BCM Sponsored Programs Office requires five business days ahead of your deadline to authorize any application for funding. The proposal package needs to be finalized for SPO review by this time.
  • We provide pre-award routing to navigate both the internal Baylor College of Medicine authorization process and (often complex) external sponsor requirements.