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Shark Tanks

Shark Tanks are fun, biannual events that INSTINCT provides to promote innovation and creativity among its members. In the shark tank, members of the department present a mock idea and/or product and seek funding and feedback from a group of successful investors.

Think Tanks

Our informal brainstorming sessions where members of the department discuss new ideas, medical problems, and advance new concepts towards an invention that can be further vetted by the board members in order to advance through the INSTINCT pipeline. Meetings are held every other month on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. CST. The event is open to all members of the Department of Surgery.

Idea Awards

The Idea Awards are seed grants up to $10,000 to fund the beginning stages of prototyping and researching if there is value in an idea.

Past Events

INSTINCT BCM-Rice Surgical Engineering Program

Close working, collaborative relationships with our TMC neighbors are essential for success. INSTINCT has teamed up with the George R. Brown School of Engineering, Rice University to create this new surgical engineering initiative focused on matching surgeons with engineering faculty to form synergistic collaborations.

INSTINCT Summer Innovation Program

Educating the next generation of medical innovators is imperative for the evolution of healthcare. INSTINCT offers an intensive six-week immersion program in medtech innovation. Run from mid-June to the end of July, students actively engage in the biodesign process with a strong focus on hands-on concept generation and screening.

INSTINCT Surgical Collaboration Day

Our annual event is dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration within the Texas Medical Center community and beyond.

INSTINCT Biodesign Electives

Our Biodesign electives were created specifically with Medical Students in mind. Ranging from ‘TMC Tech Talks’ to hands-on needs validation and concept design, they offer a unique experience for BCM Medical Students to understand and engage in the principles and applications of Biodesign.

INSTINCT Hackathons

Short-duration prototype challenges.

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