Department of Surgery

Immune Evaluation Laboratory Services

Sample Requirements and Turn-Around Time
Test Tubes to Draw Turn Around Time
HLA Typing    
(A, B, C, DRB1, DRB3,4,5, DQA1, DQB1 DPA1, DPB1)
1- Acid citrate dextrose
Additives (ACD) solution A or
1-(EDTA) purple top
Five business days;
NGS - 10 days 
PRA / Serum Screen &
Antibody ID or
Antibody ID titrations
1- 10cc clot activator- red top Five business days
Flow Cytometry and CDC
Recipient: 1- 10cc clot- red top
Donor:  4-ACD solution A
AutoXM Recipient  4-ACD solution A
Five business days

*STAT Testing for all services is 24 hours TAT


Blood Draw or Buccal Swab Instructions


Label the sample tube with the information below. Improper labels will be rejected and discarded. Send the blood sample as soon as it’s drawn overnight with the requisition.  Do not send samples on Friday.

  1. Patient name
  2. Date of birth, MRN or SSN
  3. Draw date and phlebotomist’s initial

Buccal swab instructions

Test Requisition: contact the lab at


Shipping Address


BCM Immune Evaluation Laboratory 
C/O: Peter Jindra 
6501 Fannin St., NA 404
Methodist Neurosensory Building
Houston TX  77030
Phone number: (713) 798-3005
Fax number: (713) 798-5576

Sample Drop off instructions:
Samples can be dropped off in the lab, however we prefer all samples are placed in our secure dropbox located to the left of the lab’s front door. Once the sample is dropped off please ring the door-bell to notify us of sample arrival. If this is deceased donor material page the on call technologist.