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Department of Surgery

Cardiothoracic Surgery Education


Item Term
Thoracic Surgery Residency Program

Item Definition

The Thoracic Surgery Residency is a three-year program that accepts four residents annually. The residency program emphasizes the central role of the residents in the management of thoracic surgical patients, striving to impart core values as lifelong goals for the residents and help them become educators for life. The department is proud to offer a six-year Thoracic Surgery Integrated Residency Program beginning in 2021. 

Item Term
Aortic Surgery Fellowship

Item Definition

The Aortic Surgery Fellowship provides specialized training in aortic surgery beyond cardiothoracic residency training in an environment that is aortic-focused and stresses clinical excellence. The fellowship includes an intense clinical experience in aortic and adult cardiac surgery.

Item Term
T32 Research Training Program

Item Definition

The Baylor College of Medicine T32 Research Training Program in Cardiovascular Surgery is designed to prepare M.D. surgical residents and Ph.D. post-doctoral fellows for a research career in cardiovascular surgery.

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