Department of Molecular and Human Genetics

Molecular and Human Genetics Education


Educational Opportunities


Ph.D. Program

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Looking for a program that will equip you with a strong foundation in genetic and genomic principles that you can utilize to guide the development of innovative treatment options to improve human health? Learn more about the Ph.D. program in Genetics & Genomics.

Residency Programs

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Our Medical Genetics and Genomics residencies are designed to prepare individuals for an academic career by providing an integrated experience in both clinical and experimental genetics.

Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship

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This one-year training program leverages Baylor's strengths in laboratory and clinical genetics to provide additional training in the diagnosis and management of inborn errors of metabolism.

Clinical Laboratory Fellowship Programs

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We are accredited by the ABMGG for clinical laboratory fellowship training in Clinical Biochemical Genetics and Laboratory Genetics and Genomics. Fellows train at Baylor Genetics, which is a joint venture between Baylor College of Medicine and Miraca Holdings, Inc. 

Postdoctoral Training

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There are more than 100 postdoctoral trainees in the laboratories of the genetics training faculty.

Genetics and Genomics Pathway

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Through the Genetics and Genomics Pathway, medical students will gain a deeper understanding of a broad range of genetic conditions and the complexities of genetic testing, as well as, increase their awareness of the social concerns of those affected by genetic disorders.

Medical Genetics Visiting Students Program

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A four-week long program, students will be able to rotate between a clinical genetics area and a genetics/genomics laboratory while working with a faculty mentor in each area. 

Medical Research Pathway

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The Medical Research Pathway is a five year program with the goal to train M.D. graduates in hypotheses driven basic, translational and clinical research.

Masters in Genetic Counseling Program

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Offered through the School of Health Professions, the Masters in Genetic Counseling Program provides an integrated medical genetics graduate education for students seeking either laboratory or industry related genetic counseling careers.

Clinical Research Education Training Program

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The CRETP is a short-term summer training program that gives first and second-year medical students from first generation and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities the opportunity to gain clinical research experience in the field of medical genetics.  

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