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The research cores in the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics complement the Baylor College of Medicine Advanced Technology Cores by providing services not available via the ATC. They currently include the Baylor Genetics Research Core and the Kenneth Scott cDNA Clone Collection.

Data Science Collaborative Resource

Designed to address unmet data science needs by bridging the divide between primary data generation and project specific analyses, connecting researchers with a variety of available resources and determining those appropriate for proposed analyses. The Collaborative Resource faculty will work with researchers to prepare analyses and respond to funding opportunities with data science components with a goal of developing additional opportunities for data science synergy. For information about data science resources or to discuss your work, contact Drs. Kim Worley and Shamika Ketkar.

Kenneth Scott cDNA Clone Collection

Originally curated at Baylor College of Medicine by our late colleague Dr. Ken Scott, the cDNA collection contains over 32,000 clones. These fully sequenced clones are sourced from the Thermo-Scientific Ultimate™ ORF collection (IOH clones) and from the hORFeome V8.1 libraries (Broad clones). Each clone contains an open reading frame (ORF) sub-cloned into Gateway™ recombinational entry vector for ease of cloning into a Gateway™ destination vector that suits your experimental purposes. For information regarding the details of the contents of the collection and to obtain these clones, please email Shinya Yamamoto. If you have concerns or questions, please contact Dr. Hugo Bellen.

Baylor Genetics Research Core

Baylor Genetics is the joint venture diagnostic laboratory of Baylor College of Medicine and Miraca Holdings. The diagnostic laboratory supports the academic mission of Baylor College of Medicine and provides CLIA/CAP approved clinical services for research programs. For a description of currently available services and a service request form, please contact the product development team at Baylor Genetics. For inquiries on scientific matters, please contact Jill Mokry. For administrative and payment issues, please contact MHG Finance.