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Baylor College of Medicine

Electronic Fax (E-Fax)


Cloud-based faxing allows BCM staff and faculty to reach fax recipients electronically, without traditional, physical fax machines. Additionally, if your department has been authorized to receive faxes via email, you can receive them as email attachments in your inbox.

The preferred document type to send and receive faxes via email is PDF. JPEGs and MS Word documents are also acceptable. Other document types may/may not render correctly.


Benefits of Service

  • Reliable – On-site solution managed and monitored by BCM staff
  • Centralized billing, charged to your designated cost center
  • Send and receive Fax via email
  • Send faxes to any U.S. or Canadian recipient
  • Send and receive faxes in PDF, Word, and JPEG formats
  • Email notification of fax receipt success or failure

Requesting Faxing Services


To request the faxing services for your Department, please complete the Enterprise Fax (E-fax) Order Form.

To request an email distribution list for your users to receive faxes, please contact the OIT Help Desk or call 713-798-8737.


Service Level Agreement


Orders will be completed within five (5) business days, after order is received.


Cost of Service


Monthly Rental Rate: $19