Institutional Research


The Office of Accreditation and Education Effectiveness utilizes Institutional Research to support excellence and continuous improvement across the College. Our dedicated team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of educational programs.

The office gathers, analyzes, interprets, and presents institutional data and information for:

  • Accreditation
  • Program evaluation and review
  • State and federal reporting
  • Strategic decision-making

At the forefront of this vital process, the Office of Accreditation diligently works to evaluate and validate educational programs, policies, and practices. We take a comprehensive and data-driven approach, utilizing evidence-based research and analysis to assess the institution's strengths and areas for improvement.

Institutional Research is one of our core operations, acting as a vital link between data, decision-making, and strategic planning. Our team harnesses the power of data to generate meaningful insights, identify trends, and inform evidence-based strategies that drive institutional success. Through rigorous research and analysis, we provide accurate and objective information to support informed decision-making by academic leaders, administrators, and faculty.

Our collaborative approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement. We work closely with faculty and staff within the institution, forging strong partnerships to ensure that accreditation standards are met and exceeded.

Whether it is conducting surveys, analyzing enrollment trends, or evaluating student outcomes, the Office of Accreditation provides valuable insights and guidance to elevate Baylor to new heights of success. 

What is Institutional Research?

“Broadly, ‘institutional research’ is viewed as a range of activities involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of information descriptive of an institution and its activities, including its students and staff, programs, management and operations. The findings of such ‘institutional research’ can assist institutional leaders (in both academic and administrative domains) through informing their planning and decision making.”

– Zimmer, B; JIRA, Vol.4 No.1, May 1995, pg.74, “Achieving Quality Within Funding Constraints: The Potential Contribution of Institutional Research”.