Baylor College of Medicine’s reputation was built on a broad base of basic science research spanning all areas related to human health and disease. We spend $500 million a year on biomedical research.

The Baylor Advantage

The Baylor Advantage

Technology has driven a merger between these two pillars of strength. Applications of genome sequencing to patient care along with surveys of small molecules and their role in human disease have forced deeper conversations between researchers and clinicians.

Over the last several years, the College’s focus has been on building the infrastructure to bring the discoveries made in our laboratories to patients. That’s not an original idea— many institutions are trying to do that. But, we have a unique combination of assets that positions the College to be an international leader in this, including:

  • Intellectual Capital
  • Collaborative and Innovative Culture
  • Affiliate Network
  • Access to Big Data

Intellectual Capital

Collaboration Network (320x240)
This graph shows the web of interactions created by the research of just one Baylor College of Medicine scientist. It is illustrative of the extensive collaborative networks Baylor researchers have with colleagues across disciplines.

It takes people with deep knowledge of their own field working collaboratively with experts across disciplines to identify the right questions to ask and develop the protocols to answer them.

According to the AAMC Faculty Roster, Baylor has one of the largest faculties of any American medical school. Our faculty is intellectually curious and focused on realizing our shared vision of improving human health through science, scholarship and innovation.

Collaborative and Innovative Culture

Addressing contemporary challenges in biomedical research and healthcare requires collaborative teams of scientists and clinicians from multiple disciplines. This has long been routine at Baylor.

On all questions related to a collaborative culture, Baylor consistently scores significantly higher than national benchmarks on faculty engagement surveys. In focus group research done at the College, the responses to questions related to the Baylor culture, always contain the word collaborative or collaboration in the first two sentences. The College ranks among the top 30 academic biomedical research institutions in the world in the 2019 Nature Index. In the Reuters listing of the World's Most Innovative Universities, Baylor ranks in the top 50.   

Affiliate Network

credit: Texas Medical CenterTexas Medical Center (TMC) is the largest medical city in the world, encompassing nearly 60 world-renowned member institutions across a 1,345-acre campus. 

Through an extensive network of affiliations, BCM researchers have access to an extensive network of collaborators from the full spectrum of physical and social sciences.

The city of Houston ranks among the top 25 science cities, the top 15 cities for life sciences and the top 15 cities for corporate science in the world in the Nature Index. The College’s membership in the Texas Medical Center expands the culture of collaboration and innovation beyond Baylor. Together the institutions of the Texas Medical Center are second in the nation in funding from the National Institutes of Health. 

Access to Data

Gene_seq2 (320x240)
Genome Sequence

The potential impact on human health of mining genome sequences, patient information and other data points cannot be overestimated.

The BCM Human Genome Sequencing Center and Baylor Genetics, provide access to high-quality genetic data. Our genetics laboratories regularly correct data interpretations generated by other organizations. 

Involvement in the Human Microbiome Project, National Institutes of Health Brain Initiative, and other major national and international collaborations, facilitate access to extensive data repositories.

In addition to our extensive network of local hospital affiliates, the College’s partnership with CommonSpirit Health provides access to the extensive clinical data of one of the nation’s largest health systems.

Leveraging Our Advantages

Baylor College of Medicine is making great strides, taking discoveries from the laboratory to the patient.