The BRL Core utilizes Genboree for managing scientific projects and performing bioinformatic analysis. Genboree has been engineered to allow seamless integration of new analytical tools and to accept a variety of data types so that they can be collected, stored, shared, visualized, and analyzed.

Genboree users have access to multiple utilities to create, share, copy, move, rename, and delete files, all through an easy to use graphical user interface. The BRL Core also utilizes the Genboree Commons Forum for project communication, documentation, and discussion.

The BRL Core Genboree installation is supported by dedicated web servers and database machines. A compute cluster for long-running and compute- or I/O-intensive jobs has regular compute servers each with 24-48GB RAM and 800GB of local storage. The BRL Core can provide long-term archiving of your data on 10 TB detachable disc arrays.


Request BRL Core Services


Visit our request services webpage to register with Genboree Workbench tools and for a request form to begin uploading data into Genboree.