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Tsai, J.T., Sung, ​N., Lee, J., Chang, C., Lee, S. and Tsai, F.T.F. Crystal Structure of the YcjX Stress Protein Reveals a Ras-Like GTP-Binding Protein. J. Mol. Biol. 2019, 431:3179-90."

Lee J, Sung N, Yeo L, Chang C, Lee S, Tsai FT, Structural determinants for protein unfolding and translocation by the Hsp104 protein disaggregase, Bioscience Reports, 2017, 37(6):BSR20171399.

Lee J, Sung N, Mercado JM, Hryc CF, Chang C, Lee S, Tsai FT, Overlapping and Specific Functions of the Hsp104 N Domain Define Its Role in Protein Disaggregation, Scientific Reports 2017, 7(1):11184.

Sung N, Lee J, Kim JH, Chang C, Tsai FT, Lee S, 2.4 Å resolution crystal structure of human TRAP1NM, the Hsp90 paralog in the mitochondrial matrix, Acta Crystallographica Section D 2016, 72(8):904-911.

Sung N, Lee J, Kim JH, Chang C, Joachimiak A, Lee S, Tsai FT, Mitochondrial Hsp90 is a ligand-activated molecular chaperone coupling ATP binding to dimer closure through a coiled-coil intermediate, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United Stated of America 2016 113(11):2952-2957.