Genomic and RNA Profiling Core Next-Generation Sequencing Workshop


Course Information

The Genomic and RNA Profiling (GARP) Core will be hosting a training workshop for a select group of graduate students at BCM. The 1-week workshop is designed for bench scientists that seek to become proficient in NGS library preparation and sequencer operation. Online-, classroom- and lab-based sessions are aimed towards proficiency in manual RNA-seq sample preparation, from experimental design, application to sequencing. Registration is free and requires the submission of an online application. Applicants should be in the early stages of their Ph.D. program and pursuing projects with future relevance to NGS applications. Students should be prepared to spend four days in the lab, one day in the classroom and to set time aside to review online material.

Prerequisites: None


Preliminary Schedule


Course Topics

Online: Principles of Next-Generation Sequencing

  • Know what technologies are available to you at the GARP Core
  • Appreciate the benefits of high-throughput sequencing
  • Understand the Illumina sequencing technology
  • Understand the Nanopore sequencing technology

Online: Concepts of RNA-seq

  • Know what transcriptomic assays are available to you at the GARP Core
  • Understand the concepts of “bulk” RNA-seq workflows
  • Understand when to use Single Cell and Spatial RNA-seq respectively

Classroom: Review and Quality Control of your Illumina Sequencing Run

  • Assess performance of an Illumina sequencing run
  • Understand what data is collected in real-time
  • Know how to interpret Real-Time-Analysis (RTA) metrics
  • Understand factors that affect run performance

Classroom: Review & Quality Control of your RNA-seq experiment

  • Understand quality metrics critical for review of RNA-seq datasets

Lab-based Topics

Hands-on training in NGS library construction

  • 3-day RNA-seq library preparation in assistance with our experienced staff
  • Quality Control of RNA-seq libraries

Hands-on training in Illumina sequencer operation

  • Each participant will set up a sequencing run on our NextSeq500 instrument (1 day)

Course Director and Instructor

Daniel C. Kraushaar, Ph.D.

Dr. Kraushaar is an Assistant Professor and Core Director of the Genomic and RNA Profiling Core at Baylor College of Medicine. He comes with experience in utilizing NGS approaches towards epigenomic profiling, method development in a start-up environment and leadership of the GARP Core.