Advanced Technology Core Laboratories are an essential part of the successful research enterprise of Baylor College of Medicine. Core facilities provide state-of-the-art instrumentation and technologies to support research of all faculty on a fee-for-service basis.

ATC Labs are each staffed by a scientific director and dedicated technical personnel who provide the highest quality laboratory work plus consultation on experimental design, data analysis and training. ATC Labs offer competitive pricing through subsidization of their operations by funds from center grants and the College.

To maximize efficiency, quality and utilization, Advanced Technology Core Labs have been organized as an independent unit in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research with a faculty level executive director and a full-time administrator. Member ATC Labs have adopted and adhere to uniform policies for operation and governance.

The executive director together with a Faculty Advisory Committee have established processes for evaluation of cores to assure scientific quality and prioritize scientific needs, to assist with obtaining finances and space, and to develop and establish new cores. The administrator assists cores with business aspects of their operations including invoicing and billing, accounting, pricing, planning and laboratory information management software systems.

ATC Cores Catalogue

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