The following are resources available to all students and trainees at Baylor College of Medicine.

The Bobby R. Alford Educational Center

The Bobby R. Alford Educational Center at the Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center on the McNair campus is a vibrant learning center that integrates the mission of Baylor by sponsoring educational programs for public and professional audiences aimed at improving health and medical practice. 

HAM-TMC Library

The Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library is one of the country's largest and the National Library of Medicine has designated it as one of the nation's eight Regional Medical Libraries.

Recently renovated, the HAM-TMC Library provides an excellent environment for study of research.

Education Resource Center

The Education Resource Center occupies about 6,000 square feet on the second floor of the DeBakey Center at Baylor College of Medicine. The main area of the ERC includes a large reading area, open study carrels, three group rooms, 13 individual rooms, and two computer labs.

The Education Resource Center houses a variety of self-instructional materials for pre-clerkship and clinical sciences including textbooks, audiocassettes, computer programs, slide sets, videocassettes and interactive video. Materials are available for use in the ERC and may be signed out overnight for clinical presentations.

Baylor students, faculty, and residents may use the ERC resources. It is open seven days a week. Winter and summer vacation breaks are announced.

Individuals with a BCM login ID can access the internal website of the ERC.

Center for Educational Outreach

The Center for Educational Outreach advances quality teaching and learning in science and health and promotes access to careers in medicine and science-related fields focusing on diverse student audiences, teacher professional development, and unique curriculum materials.

The Center for Collaborative and Interactive Technologies

The Center for Collaborative and Interactive Technologies at Baylor College of Medicine uses innovative approaches to provide award-winning, up-to-date educational resources for healthcare professionals, educators, students, patients and families in the United States and around the world. Contact to discuss customized solutions for educational needs.