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Helping to prepare the next generation of healthcare providers to serve their patients is among the great privileges of being a physician.

Preceptors report that having BCM PA students in their practice increases efficiency, even though the students are not seeing patients on their own. When a preceptor is in a room seeing a patient, a student can be in another room with another patient. After listening to the student’s report, the preceptor – often with the student -- goes back into the patient room to verify the information. Preceptors report that this saves them time because the student has done a lot of the work already.

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In every type of healthcare setting, PAs are helping to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction. PA education follows the medical model with a significant focus on team-based care so that graduates are prepared to diagnosis and treatment patients in coordination with physicians. Many of our graduates are hired into the practices in which they precept. Helping to prepare PA students for their future careers is a great way to ensure our exceptional students are ready to take positions in your practice of those of your colleagues.

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BCM PA Program is Among the Best in the Nation


Ranked 3rd in United States by US News & World Report (out of 250 programs)

In the past 10 years
First time PANCE Pass Rates:

  • BCM: 98.5%
  • National: 93.5%
  • 100% employed upon graduation

From a Preceptor


“The Baylor PA students could not be more of a joy to work with. To a student, they bring enthusiasm and a keen interest to learn – and really learn anything from the typical clinical course of a baby with bronchiolitis to a medically complex child admitted with pneumonia, increased seizure frequency, and intolerance of feeds to tips and tricks of how to successfully do a lumbar puncture. They approach each day as an opportunity to gain more knowledge.  

Prior to the Baylor PA students starting on the pediatric hospital medicine team at The Woodlands in the Summer of 2019, we had very few learners at The Woodlands campus, and our practice had attending only teams. The prior teaching experience of our faculty was variable; some with lots of experience and others with very little. Of course, we were unsure initially how adding the PA students would affect our workflow, and how we would find time to teach, take care of patients, and give them the pediatric experience they deserve during their two weeks of inpatient pediatrics.

Despite our initial hesitancy, the students truly have fit in seamlessly availing themselves of opportunities to learn from the entire care team: nurses, physicians, APPs, dieticians, social workers, and many others. We have so appreciated this opportunity to grow as BCM faculty while spreading a bit of our knowledge, wisdom, and joy of medicine to the Baylor PA students.”

Rachel Marek, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Baylor College of Medicine