Center for Professionalism

Center for Professionalism Education and Training


Profiles in Professionalism

This lecture series brings outstanding inspirational speakers to Baylor quarterly to discuss a wide range of professionalism-related topics, offered in collaboration with the Department of Medicine (Thursdays at noon), and to the greater BCM community later in the afternoon.

Grand Rounds

The Center for Professionalism has been charged with ensuring a shared understanding of the definition of professionalism at BCM Professionalism because professionalism is a universal core competency across health science training programs and is fundamental to the mission and vision of Baylor College of Medicine (BCM). Since there remains confusion regarding how BCM defines professionalism, including institutional expectations for professional behaviors, we offer a 50-minute session on “Professionalism Matters: The Why, What And How” to all departments. In addition to promoting a uniform message regarding professionalism, this program helps to satisfy accreditation requirements related to professionalism education.  

Workshops and Retreats (customizable)

The Center provides education and training in all key areas of professionalism, Communication, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, Burnout, Improving the learning environment, and Interprofessional collaboration. These sessions can be customized to reach your group’s educational goals.

Professional Breakfasts

Provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion about realistic professionalism concerns consisting of customized vignettes depicting professionalism challenges (tailored to participants). Is frequently requested for residents, but is available to any group.

Student Elective (Professionalism Platform)

The Professionalism Platform is a new resource to facilitate professionalism education. The content for the platform is based on an analysis of peer reviewed literature resulting in the creation of a framework (“WHAT”) with justifications (“WHY”) linked to internal drivers and specific behaviors (“HOW”).

The Professionalism Platform provides a comprehensive construct for achieving mastery of key aspirational behaviors. These behavioral changes and acquisition of critical skills can lead to deeper attitudinal growth and enhanced professionalism.

For more information or to learn how to participate call the Office of Professionalism at (713) 798-4553 or email