Center for Professionalism

PEAR Award Recipients


The PEAR, Professional Educator Appreciation and Recognition, Awards are a student-led initiative to recognize those individuals who have had a significant impact on students during their medical training. The award seeks to highlight and reinforce positive examples of professionalism and teaching; it focuses on collecting the positive stories from the student experience.

Any Baylor College of Medicine student can nominate preclinical faculty, attending physicians, residents, physician assistants, nurses and others on the medical team who have challenged them, expanded their knowledge or imparted a significant lesson. Submissions are shared with the award recipient and his or her department chair. Students can submit nominations online.

PEAR Awards are supported by the Center for Professionalism, led by Dr. Ellen Friedman.


2023 Recipients

  • Rouzbeh Kotaki
  • Jeffrey Cao
  • Afroze Ali
  • Judi Coleman
  • Mike Ren
  • David Lundy-Weiss
  • Bryan Tucker
  • Ramachandr Reddy
  • Mostafa Belghasem
  • Michael Anderson
  • Jai Gandhi
  • Kathryn Jordan Kemere
  • David Holmes
  • Fernando Cuascut
  • Farida Abid
  • Amir Shamshirsaz
  • Charenya Anandan
  • Lauren Tamara Wilson
  • Hayden Hall
  • Eric Silberfein
  • Mark E. McIntyre II
  • Robert Taylor Ripley
  • Jenifer Dinis Ballestas
  • Roberto Mario Vera
  • Samuel Randall
  • Samuel Creden
  • Yishay Ben Moshe
  • Oluwatunmise Fawole
  • Ashu Syal
  • Yu Yang
  • Atif Iqbal
  • Catherine Seger
  • Jeremy Ward
  • Mariam Hull
  • Jonathan Pan
  • Irene Jeong-Ah Lee
  • Shayan Bhathena
  • Jyotinder Punia
  • Lisa Brubaker
  • Parker Hughes
  • Ashley Waldon
  • Victoria Brehm
  • Jonnae Atkinson
  • Kenneth Barning
  • Corina Lopez
  • Alvin To
  • Victoria Huynh

Past Recipients