This Faculty Appointments and Promotions website is designed to be your resource for learning about the appointments and promotions procedures at Baylor College of Medicine and accessing the forms and documents you require to successfully navigate this process at each stage of your career.

Appointment or promotion is based on documentation of excellence in a primary mission with evidence of good to excellent performance in at least one of the other academic mission areas of education, research, and patient care. Faculty members who contribute primarily to the patient care mission may be eligible for non-tenure track/non-tenured appointments or promotions based on clinical mission alone, given clinical excellence in combination with evidence of leadership, clinical expertise, healthcare quality and patient safety expertise, and/or business development related to patient care (see Patient Care Single Mission Pathway, Appendices 4 and 5 below). Appointment or promotion is dependent on achievement and not length of service, and is an honor within the institution.

It is the responsibility and prerogative of the chair of the department where you have your primary academic appointment to recommend promotion. For faculty members with appointments in centers, the center director and the appointing department chair should jointly recommend promotion. Recommendation for promotion should be based on the individual's educational contributions, clinical activities, basic and clinical research, and other scholarly activities. Definitions of excellence for tenure in each of the missions were developed by a faculty committee under the auspices of the Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee and reviewed by Academic Council.

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