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Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee


The Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee meets monthly, except for December. At the beginning of the calendar year, the committee chair (via the Office of Faculty Affairs) sends to the academic units a memorandum in which the meeting dates and deadlines for the receipt of materials are given. Detailed information is available from the Office of Faculty Affairs for the procedure for late-arriving materials. The deadline schedule is constructed to allow approximately three weeks between the receipt of materials and the date of the meeting in order to assure that the Office of Faculty Affairs can review the documents for completeness and time be allowed for review by committee members before the meeting.

At the meeting, the head of the primary academic unit which requests the action presents the credentials of the candidate(s) and responds to questions raised by members of the committee. For candidates with appointment in a College-level center, the center director should participate in the presentation. Once the formal presentation has occurred, all committee members from the primary department (and center) of the candidate excuse themselves from the meeting while the committee discusses the qualifications of the candidate. The committee may recommend approval or denial of the request. The committee may also defer action in order to obtain additional information. The committee's recommendations are transmitted to the president, who forwards a list of approved candidates to the Academic Council for its action. All recommendations become effective upon approval of the Board of Trustees.


Meetings and Deadlines


See Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee Meetings and Deadlines for Academic Year 2020. (Baylor login required)


Committee Members


See a list of the 2019-2020 members of the Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee. (Baylor login required)