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Senior Faculty


Time-Limited, New Appointment Placeholder


The Senior Faculty designation was created to serve as a time-limited placeholder for senior-level faculty who require a timely faculty appointment. This initial designation may apply, on a time-limited basis, to a prospective Associate Professor or Professor candidate whose complete appointment request paperwork is not ready for FAP Committee review.

From time to time, the required letters of recommendation and publications may be difficult for the concerned Academic Unit to obtain for FAP Committee review/approval in advance of the candidate’s initial appointment. To accommodate these challenges, an Academic Unit may appoint a prospective Associate Professor or Professor to the Senior Faculty rank without the ultimately-required letters of recommendation and publications, as applicable.

The following documents are required for initial appointment to the Senior Faculty rank:


1. A brief Letter of Request from the head of Academic Unit. The head of Academic Unit should simply state that he/she is requesting this temporary designation until a complete appointment request packet is ready for FAP Committee review.

2. Record of Professional Training and Experience (RPTE) form prepared by the candidate

3. Request for Faculty Appointment/Promotion/Other (RFAP) form prepared by the Academic Unit

4. Current Curriculum Vitae of the candidate in BCM format: CV Outline - New Appointment

5. Official transcript of highest degree earned sent directly by the awarding academic institution. Please see Transcript Requirement.




Once the required number of letters of recommendation and publications are secured, a traditional and more descriptive Letter of Request from head of Academic Unit must be included in the final appointment request packet.


Forms and Transcripts


For forms to request an appointment or promotion and record professional training and experience as well as requirements for transcripts and other useful documentation, see Faculty HR Process and Forms. (Baylor login required)


Appointments and Promotions


See Faculty Appointments and Promotions Guidelines.