Faculty Appointments and Promotions Procedures

For candidates who do not require Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee approval, the complete package of candidate materials should be sent as one electronic PDF document. For FAP Committee candidates, please send each required PDF document separately. Updated templates (RPTE form, RFAP form, Baylor College of Medicine CV Outline, Clinical and Basic Science Offer Letter, etc.) can be found on the Faculty Affairs Intranet: Faculty Appointment & Promotion (Baylor login required). Please use the most current versions of these forms, which will always be available on this page.

Please send all inquiries and candidate packets to:

Office of Faculty Affairs

Lists of documentations required vary by rank. Visit each page below for a full listing of required documentation:


Assistant Professor (non-tenure track)

Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Associate Professor (non-tenured)

Associate Professor (tenure track)

Associate Professor (tenured)

Professor (non-tenured)

Professor (tenured)

Senior Faculty

Voluntary (clinical, adjunct, visiting)

From Full-Time or Part-Time Faculty to Voluntary Faculty

From Voluntary Faculty to Full-Time or Part-Time Faculty


Distinguished Emeritus

Concurrent holding of clinical fellow and faculty title

Secondary (joint)

Academic Unit Transfer

Title, Academic Time, Pay Status Changes