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Financial Wellness Resources


In-person and on-line resources are available to help you achieve and maintain financial wellness.


Financial Wellness Sessions


Financial wellness sessions are delivered as required (link to Requirements page above) components of the curriculum throughout the four years of medical school. In addition, optional sessions will be scheduled throughout the year. Students will be informed of scheduling of optional sessions through email notification to their class listservs and postings in school newsletters -- Thursday News, Sunday Weekly Class Announcements and Student Commons (BCM login required). 

Topics covered by these sessions include:

  • Importance of Saving
  • Banking Basics for Students
  • Building your Financial Know-How
  • Energize Yourself Financially
  • Managing Your Money
  • Maximize Your Personal Wealth
  • Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Your Credit Report
  • Your Road to Home Ownership
  • Counterfeit Money Awareness and Cash Handling Tips
  • Financial Tips for Your Small Business
  • Protect your Small Business from Fraud

Recorded Sessions


Current students may view these recorded Financial Wellness Sessions on VBrick.


Personal Finance Videos


Learn about personal finance by checking out these virtual sessions that focus on budgeting, tax planning, and credit. Complete the corresponding quizzes in order to receive 100 BCM LIFE Vitality points.

View sessions and take quizzes (BCM login required)


AAMC Financial Wellness Resources


On the AAMC Medical Student Wellbeing website, student service providers, faculty, staff, and current medical students share personal stories of resilience, resources for maintaining well-being, and programs, practices, and strategies they have found to be effective in building student well-being. Some of the features on this site with particular relevance to financial wellness include: