School of Medicine

Incoming Residents/Fellows


Required Incoming House Staff Paperwork


Congratulations on your acceptance into a Baylor College of Medicine residency or fellowship program!

Below, you will find the packet of paperwork that you must complete and return to your program coordinator. The first set of paperwork is due on (TBA) and the second set is due on (TBA). Many of the forms have been made available to complete electronically to make the process quicker and easier for you. Simply click on the packet that best applies to you.

We have also provided two checklists that list everything you are required to submit so that you can keep track of everything. Emailed copies of your paperwork will not be accepted.

*Note: Obtaining a Physician-in-Training (PIT) permit from the Texas Medical Board (TMB) is a requirement for appointment to a Baylor training program. You will be required to answer all of the PIT application questions (view questions).

If you have any concern about whether or not your answers could negatively impact your ability to obtain a PIT, contact the TMB directly to review your questions or concerns.

  • New BCM House Staff Application (available soon)

Required Online Training Modules


All new Baylor residents and fellows are required to complete training modules (review below) prior to their orientation session.

To access and complete these modules, go to BCM AMP Corporate Training and login with your BCM ECA/Username and password.

  1. BCM Social Media Policy
  2. Blood Borne Pathogens
  3. Code of Conduct Education (New Hire)
  4. Confidentiality Orientation
  5. E/M Coding Intro Residents/Fellows
  6. Employee Relations Orientation
  7. Environmental Safety Resident/Fellow Training
  8. Fraud, Waste and Abuse Education (New Hire)
  9. CLER Orientation Workshop (Required pre-work)
  10. Hazard Communication and Fire Safety
  11. Privacy and Security (HIPAA) (New Hire)
  12. Resident Orientation: Medical Students
  13. Security Orientation
  14. Workers' Compensation Orientation
  15. Title IX (Law Room) - To access and complete the Title IX modules, go to BCM Law Room and login with your BCM ECA/Username and password.
  16. Residents As Teachers Workshop* (Only have to complete if enrolled by GME)

Additional Required Documents


Other documents that Baylor will require from you include:

  • ACLS, PALS, or ATLS Certification (we do not require all three, but it must be American Heart Association certified)
  • One notarized copy of ECFMG Certificate - REQUIRED for foreign graduates (outside U.S. or Canada)
  • Copy of Training Permit or Full Texas License
  • Copy of DEA (only if you will be writing prescriptions that require a DEA or plan on moonlighting with a full TX license)
  • Copy of NPI
  • Curriculum Vitae – must be current
  • Original Final Medical School Transcript (we will accept a notarized copy of foreign med school transcripts)
  • One notarized copy of Medical School Diploma (Dean's Verification of Pending Graduation acceptable only for those anticipating graduation. Dean's verification must be original document with seal; copies will NOT be accepted)
  • One notarized copy of prior Intern/Residency/Fellowship Training Certificate

Human Resources


In addition to the GME forms, Baylor’s Human Resources department requires you to complete page 7 section 1 of the I-9 form prior to orientation.

Bring the following items with you to orientation in order to process with HR: page 7, a copy of your documents of choice (view page 9) and the original documents so that Human Resources may verify that the information and copies are completed correctly.


International Services


All Non-U.S. citizens (including permanent residents/green card holders, pending immigrants, and non-immigrant visa holders) must contact the BCM International Services Office and communicate with one of the ISO representatives to verify your immigration status by emailing


Occupational Health


Be sure to view the information from Occupational Health concerning immunization requirements, and download a list of requirements.




As an applicant/enrollee in an educational program that prepares individuals for issuance of an occupational license, Texas law requires that you be notified that the issuance of occupational licenses may be restricted based on a license applicant’s criminal history. View Notice of Potential Ineligibility for License.