School of Medicine

Harris Health Physician Assistance Line


The Executive Administrative Team has created a 24/7 phone number, (713) 873-3362 (3-3DOC), specifically for all doctors to call and speak to an administration regarding any concern or problem Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., with voicemail message options for nights, weekends and/or holidays. If the concern or problem is urgent during the nights, weekends and/or holidays you may contact the hospital supervisor on duty at 3-7330 (or via page operator) and/or administrator-on-call through the page operator at 3-2010.

When you call the 3-3DOC phone number during regular business hours, an administrator in-house will speak directly with you or return your call within one hours. If there is no administrator in-house for immediate response and/or you call at night, weekends and/or holidays, you have an option to leave a message to include the following:

  • Physician name
  • Physician department
  • Physician medical staff number
  • Physician pager and/or cell number
  • Physician summary of call

Physician Assistant Log


The Physician Assistant Log (PAL) has been created to document all doctors’ concerns and/or problems along with the administrator’s response. An administrator will return your phone call within 24 hours as outlined above the next business day after receiving the message to inform you whether or not the concern or problem is pending for further assistance or was completed immediately.


Ben Taub and the Harris Health System


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