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Access our COVID-19 Response homepage, with more information and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, including what to do if you’re experiencing symptoms.

Weather Update

Baylor’s Emergency Response Team will continue to monitor tropical storm Beta. Baylor and its clinics will be open under normal business operations on Monday. View message. 

School of Medicine

Additional Resources


Academies of Resident Educators


For those residents who have additional interest in medical education and want to go beyond the basics, several residency programs have Academy of Residency Educator programs. These include:

Department of Internal Medicine Academy of Resident Educators

Department of Pediatrics Academy of Resident Educators

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Academy of Resident Educators


Outside Resources


o MedEdPortal: Resident as Teachers Curriculum : 10 modules https://www.mededportal.org/publication/10001/

o “The Resident as Teacher”, New England Journal of Medicine at http://resident360.nejm.org


Baylor CCGGs


Review the School of Medicine Core Competency Graduation Goals for Medical Students.


Compact Between Teachers, Learners, and Educational Staff


This compact serves both as a pledge and a reminder to teachers, learners, and educational staff that moral, ethical and professional behavior by all Baylor personnel is essential to the basic principles of this institution.