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Tuition and Fees: M.D. Program


Financing Your Education


Baylor College of Medicine is the least expensive private school in the nation. 

Our students graduate with less debt.

  • Public medical school average debt: $197,843* 
  • Private medical school average debt: $222,381*
  • Baylor College of Medicine average debt: $135,532

*Source: AAMC Debt, Costs and Loan Repayment Card 2023

To help students with the cost of medical education, Baylor offers financial assistance through federal and institutional loan, scholarship and work-study programs. The Office of Student Financial Aid assists students with the application process and determines their eligibility for these programs.

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Cost of Attendance for Medical School


The Cost of Attendance is the combination of the direct expenses billed to students by Baylor College of Medicine and the estimated costs of living students will incur. That cost of attendance is the maximum amount students will be able to receive in financial aid while studying at Baylor College of Medicine.

Direct Expenses

Direct expenses billed to students include tuition, fees, and insurance.  All charges are divided between Fall and Spring semester billing unless otherwise indicated. Tuition and fees are subject to change. 

Students are required to participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offered by the school unless they are covered by a comparable plan and have received approval for a waiver by the Student Benefits Office.

The determination of residency classification for tuition purposes is governed by statutes enacted by the Texas Legislature and rules and regulations promulgated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Student applicants are classified as either a resident of Texas or a non-resident for tuition purposes based on information provided in their admission application. Current students who were classified as non-residents and wish to be reclassified as Texas residents should refer to the Office of the Registrar's web page on residency determination.

Cost of Living Estimates

Cost of living are estimates of expenses that you will incur to go to school that you will not pay directly to Baylor College of Medicine.  These costs you may have already budgeted, such as housing expenses, food, and transportation.  The Office of Student Financial Aid will provide you with an estimate of these costs based on sample data derived from the Baylor College of Medicine campus you will attend, using both the Cost of Living index and the number of months you will be enrolled at Baylor. The charts used to estimate student expenses are included below.  


Descriptions of Medical Student Fees


The following table describes the use of fees assessed to students in the School of Medicine. Some fees are only assessed to students during specific semesters of the program.

Fee NameDescription
Academic Success Center FeeSupports Academic Success Center (formerly Educational Resource Center) use of computers and training.
Curriculum Resources Fee

Covers curriculum-related materials including various learning software, BLS/ACLS/PALS, and USMLE books.  BLS, ACLS, and PALS will be required as part of the medical student curriculum.

  • BLS initial will occur in the MS1 year.
  • BLS recertification will occur in MS4 year.
  • Either ACLS or PALS will occur in MS4 year.
Student Affairs Resources FeeCovers student affairs related student materials primarily including study aids.
Documentation FeeCovers all transcripts distributed while a student is enrolled and after graduation. The fee also includes the original diploma at the completion of the degree program.
Educational IT FeeSupports IT facilities and improvements at the college.
Graduation FeeThis fee is applied to expenses associated with the graduation ceremony.
International Fee - F1 or J1*The fee is charged to cover administrative services that support our international students.
Lab Materials FeeAnatomy lab & lab reviews.
Matriculation FeeOff-site retreat and on-site orientation for entering medical students.
Student Activity FeeSupports medical school organization and Student Senate activity expenses throughout the academic year.
Student Class FeeSupports entering class activities throughout first through fourth academic years.
Student Services FeeSupports student-centered events, programs, activities and resources that are specifically open to all students such as the BCM LIFE program in degree granting schools at Baylor College of Medicine.
White Coat Ceremony FeeApplied to expenses (venue rental and misc. expenses) associated with entering student ceremony, which signifies the rite of passage for BCM medical students, as they don their white coats and take an oath asserting their commitment to the very highest standards of ethics and healthcare.
Yearbook FeeFor yearbook publication and printing costs.

*Assessed only to international students based on visa type.