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NICER Research Authorization is required for all medical student research activities.

Participating in research is a key component of medical education. Research mentorship similarly provides such benefits and allows students to contribute to the medical literature under the direct supervision of a faculty research mentor.

The applicant must be a student currently enrolled in the Baylor College of Medicine School of Medicine to participate in NICER related research. Students who are pursuing other degrees or not currently enrolled at BCM are ineligible.  If the student is on LOA pursuing another degree/research/etc. and has had to turn in their BCM badge, they are not eligible to participate in NICER.

Medical students are required to have an approved NICER authorization and any necessary affiliate badging completed before starting research.

What to do after finding a project?

After a project of interest has been found, reaching out to the person listed as the project contact should be initiated to discuss expectations and interest in the project.  Usually the project has a stated level of commitment listed, and it should be discussed with the research mentor.

An approved NICER Authorization for Research Activities Form must be completed before starting research activities. It is also necessary to complete required compliance training before starting a research project. Attestation of the above training requirements must also be confirmed using a NICER form. The student should consult with their research mentor as to the nature of research to be conducted and what training is necessary. The research mentor should guide the student to training resources, or either may seek guidance from the SOAR office ( Medical students may also consult the NICER section in the School of Medicine Curriculum Office & Student Affairs section of Blackboard for additional information.

Affiliate Contacts

All affiliate institutions have badging requirements. Contacts for each institution are listed below:

Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center
Contact: Shanté Romant-Rodney
BCM medical students should review the BSLMC Medical Students Trainee Onboarding Checklist 2021 and the BSLMC How to Verify IT and EPIC Access 2021 guidance available on Blackboard.

Harris Health
Contact: Monique Okeke, Research Department

Houston Methodist 
Contact: Monica Rodriguez, Observers Coordinator or 346-238-5080

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center 
Contact: Tameka Howard

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Ask the faculty mentor who to contact.

Texas Children's Hospital
Ask the faculty mentor who to contact in the department for assistance with completing the appropriate forms and/or security.