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Committee on Student Promotions and Academic Achievement


The Committee on Student Promotions and Academic Achievement (MDPC) is the standing committee of the School of Medicine (SOM) of Baylor College of Medicine charged with monitoring medical student performance in and progression through the SOM curriculum and ensuring that all students graduating from the SOM meet the academic and professional standards required for the degree Doctor of Medicine (MD).

The MDPC is composed of voting members, who are faculty members representing both the Foundational Sciences curriculum and the Clinical Sciences curriculum, as well as non-voting (ex officio) members, who are deans from the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Curriculum.

The MDPC is responsible for ensuring that every student satisfactorily completes each required element of the SOM curriculum, meets all requirements for promotion from one year of study to the next year of study, and ultimately satisfies all the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine prior to graduation. The MDPC reviews the academic progress and professional development of each student at multiple time points from matriculation to graduation. Grades, examination scores, narrative summaries, and professional conduct and development are assessed to ensure each student’s successful progress through the curriculum appropriately.

The MDPC also establishes remediation plans for students experiencing either academic or professionalism-related difficulties and takes adverse action in circumstances when a student’s academic performance or professional behavior fails to meet established standards.

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