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Clinical Curriculum in the M.D. Curriculum


Advancing to the Clinical Curriculum

Students must have passing grades in all foundational sciences courses and must make a passing grade on the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Examination before they will be allowed to begin core clinical clerkships.

Clinical Curriculum Structure

The Clinical Curriculum begins in January of the second year and all Core Clinical Clerkships are required and must be taken by December of the fourth year.

  • Family Medicine must be completed by the end of June of the third year.
  • A student must receive a passing grade in all core clinical clerkships, sub-internships and electives to be considered for graduation.
  • All Core Clinical Clerkships must be taken at Baylor College of Medicine.

Clerkships and Selectives

See information on Core Clerkships and Selectives and
Alternative Educational Site Request Procedure (login required).


Note: Students (starting with the class that entered in the academic year 2012-2013) are required to select and pass one Sub-Internship (prerequisites: (1) successfully completed a minimum of six months of core rotations; (2) successfully completed the corresponding clerkship prior to starting the Sub-Internship). The Sub-Internship must be completed a minimum of eight weeks prior to graduation from Baylor College of Medicine.

View a list of approved sub-internship courses.


Students are required to earn elective credits to complete the curriculum. For specific elective requirements for each class, please review the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Medicine.

View Clinical Electives.

View Non-Clinical and Research Electives.

Clinical Half-Day

Throughout the entire clinical curriculum, students are released from rotation duties for one-half day per week to participate in other required activities (CABS or DDASH).


Check out our pathways, specialized tracks that span the four years of medical school and include both classroom, clinical and/or research activities in the specific areas of interest.