Baylor College of Medicine Airways Clinical Research Center is looking for adult research volunteers.

If you have chronic cough for more than three months, but not smoking any substance (like tobacco, e-cigarette, marijuana) at least for the last six months and not having an important lung disease, you may be eligible for this clinical research study. This study is testing some questionnaires that have been designed to measure cough and its impact on quality of life. It is also being done to establish if people with chronic cough have low levels of zinc in their blood.

Compensation for time and travel may be provided. Health insurance is not necessary to participate.

For more information, please call Laura Bertrand (713) 798-2681 or Dr. Mustafa Atik at (713) 798-2683 or email


Laura Bertrand copd@bcm.eduPhone 1: (713) 798-2681
IRB: h-41614




Feb 20, 2018